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Conservative propaganda from the “head of religious affairs” in the occupied territories

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Συντηρητικor προπαγνδα απo τον «επικεφαλorς&nbsp ;των θρησκευτικoν υποθΕσεων» &sigma ;τα κατεχoμενα

The new “head of religious affairs” sent conservative messages aligned with the social line of the Turkish government to an audience of women gathered in occupied Famagusta to watch a speech.

According to “Bugyun Kibris”, Turkey's appointed head of religious affairs Professor Ahmet Unsal introduced the “acceptable (ideal) wife” and her duties at a seminar he organized for women yesterday in Famagusta, sending the message “get married and grow”.

In the event hall of the Polatpasa mosque in occupied Famagusta, the women attended a seminar on “The rights and obligations of marriage in Islam ». The seminar was also attended by young girls.

Mr. Unsall claimed that “when a girl finds a match, it is necessary to marry her immediately without waiting.” “Religion tells us to marry and increase your number, multiply. It says that Muhammad's umma (Islamic community) must be numerous, so get married,” the Turkish official said. 

According to “Bugyun Kibris”, Mr. .Unsall also mentioned that “some people get married, years go by and still don't have children, why? We have a cat! It is excluded, the reason for marriage is reproduction, procreation. Not to have fun!”. 

He also said that “a married man should take care of his wife, if you can't, don't get married. You can't work saying that life is common. Women work for men. It is also the duty of men to pay for housing, clothing and health. People marry to reproduce. Therefore, the woman must respond to her husband's invitation to bed. Her needs will be met”. 

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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