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Contacts of 9-member delegation of the Council of Higher Education of Turkey in the occupied territories for fake diplomas

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    ΕπαφΕς 9μελος αν τιπροσωπεΙας ΣυμβουλΙου Ανoτατ ε κατεχoμενα για πλαστa πτυχiα

    Turkey Higher Education Council 9-member delegation contacts the occupied territories for fake degrees – What do the media broadcast

    The 9-member delegation of the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) is in contact with the Turkish leadership, which will also see the “universities” to help the “planning, supervision, accreditation and coordination council of higher education” ( YÇDAK) in the occupied territories to deal with the ever-growing fake degree scandal. The Turkish “ambassador” to the occupied territories, Metin Feizioglu, is also present at all meetings.

    According to the GTP, the Turkish press writes today that Mr. Feizioglou, after the YÖK meeting with the “Minister of Education”, said that no one should try to make the problems bigger than they are, “to it makes them seem insurmountable and humiliates the state and its institutions. We will solve these problems with our cooperation. Everyone can rest easy.

    Professor Haldun Göktas, YÖK Vice-President and member of the executive board, stated that “right now we are facing an emergency situation and we are evaluating what we can do about this situation. I hope that everything will be resolved in a positive way”.

    Vatan writes today that the issue of fake degrees and arrests has “turned into a social crisis”.

    Entitled “What a coincidence!” Jeni Bakis writes today that with the arrival of a team from the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) to the island, the investigations into the fake degrees scandal have been put to an end. He adds that during the bail hearing of the “general secretary of YÖDAK”, Dervis Refiker, the “police” answered a question from the “prosecutor” that they had completed their investigations.

    He also comments on the fact that the mobile phone of the arrested Sherif Avzil, one of Ersin Tatar's bodyguards, who was released on bail, is still missing. He writes that the relative of Melek Avzil, who is accused of using the fake degree to upgrade her position in the “prime minister's” office, is also missing.

    Avrupa wrote that the “government” agreed with Ankara not to proceed with the arrests and claims that the YÖK team from Turkey will put an end to the matter and stop the investigations.

    In the meantime, Ersin Tatar, one day before the descent of the Turkish delegation of the Council of Higher Education, yesterday appointed Dr. Aykut Hojanin, former rector of the “Eastern Mediterranean University” between 2020-23, to the position of “chairman” of the “planning council, supervision, certification and coordination (YÖDAK)”.

    The position became vacant after the resignation of the previous “chairman” of “YÖDAK”, Turgai Avci, following the initiation of legal proceedings against him for bribery in connection with the fake diplomas.

    The president of the Communist Party, Zeki Celer, reacted to the appointment of Hodzanin, calling it a scandal. It is absolutely illogical, he says in a written statement, to put in charge of all the “universities” a person who is one of the main architects of the crisis that the “university of the eastern Mediterranean” is experiencing today, in the “country that turned into a dumping ground for universities because of Tatar's wrong appointments and the political relations of interests that individuals built.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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