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Continued reactions to the lawsuit against the journalist Kazim Denizji

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Αντιδρασεω ν συνΕχεια στα κατεχομενα για τ&eta ν αγωγor καττου δημοσιογρàφου Κ αζΙμ ΝτενιζτζΙ

Continuity of reactions to the possessed for the treatment against journalist Kazim Denizci – What are the Turkish media broadcasting

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The Turkish Cypriot press continues today to report on the arrest of journalist and member of the United Cyprus Party (UK), Kazim Deniztzi and his arraignment on charges of terrorism, due to a of a post he made on social media, republishing a story from the pro-Kurdish news agency Fırat.

According to the GTP, it is reported in the Turkish press that the president of RTK, Tufan Erhurman stated that “it is dangerous to deliberately poison the climate of freedom of the press”. Speaking to Özgür Gazete Web TV, Mr. Erhurman said he did not know the content of the case, but “if it is something that is being done because of the news, there is indeed a search in relation to the press in the last period”.

< p>“Some things are found and exported from there. It is said that someone projected someone, he says, on social media or in the press and then an investigation is opened saying that 'this is against I don't know what part of the law. The main issue of the press is not that people are tried and convicted, in too many parts of the world 2% or 35 of the trials are convicted. The element that creates the pressure is the question of investigations. The fact that someone is the subject of an investigation creates a climate of pressure and it turns into self-censorship after a while, every journalist thinks ten times before doing something”.

Noting that the essential danger is self-censorship, Tufan Erhurman he said that during this time everything he mentioned above is happening.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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