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Controversies in the Parliament over relations with Israel on the occasion of an agreement for co-production of films

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    The Plenary Session of the Parliament ratified by a majority the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and Israel for the co-production of films

    The Plenary of the Parliament sanctioned by a majorityAgreement between the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the Government of Israel for the co-production of films, with the strong opposition of AKEL MPs.

    25 MPs voted in favor, against 12 while there were also 3 abstentions.

    AKEL Member of Parliament Giorgos Loukaidis described the debate on the bill as a shame while Israel is committing crimesat the expense of the Palestinian people, for four months now. He called it tragic that film co-production is being discussed instead of “Israel's atrocities and sanctions.” As he said, some want to give the message to Israel to proceed as it is. He also asked whether the House could commit to supporting a resolution condemning Israel and calling for a ceasefire.

    The President of DIKONikolas Papadopoulos disagreed with the rationale that the bill is related to the unpleasant things happening in Israel. Expressing sadness at the scenes of violence that one sees every day, he said that the ratification of an agreement signed in 2018 that brings mainly commercial benefits to the Republic of Cyprus has nothing to do with them.

    Independent MP Andreas Themistokleous , stated that the discussion is about co-production of films and not about grenades and said that there should be no distortion, that with this endorsement they are applauding Israel's actions against the Palestinians. He also stated that foreign policy is not conducted with mercy and charity, but based on national interests. He expressed the opinion that Israel is a necessary ally in what the KD is seeking and should remain. He also mentioned that foreign policy is made by the Government and not by the Parliament.

    The President of EDEKMarinos Sizopoulos condemned Israel's atrocities in the Gaza Strip, which he characterized as genocide, and the terrorist attack by Hamas. However, he countered that culture escapes them and film co-production is a cultural activity.

    Independent MP Alexandra Attalidou, condemned what is being done in Palestine by the “corrupt, extreme right”, as Netanyahu's regime said, but also what Hamas did which “exploits the Palestinian people and the aid they receive”. At the same time he said that he condemns “the Putin regime and all dictators and the extreme right”. However, he said that the only thing that can resist them is education, culture and solidarity between peoples, and this particular agreement does not change anything from what is being done on the ground.

    The MP of AKEL Andros Kypriakou said that especially small states like Cyprus should highlight that the planet operates on the basis of international law, and not on the basis of interests that makes them a pawn in the moods of the powerful.

    The President of DIPA– Cooperation Marios Karoyan stated that his faction does not feel ashamed to support this agreement, since it has always condemned violence and human losses. However, as he said, culture unites, has no limits, promotes principles and values.

    The Member of Parliament of ELAMChristos Christou, said that what AKEL said has nothing to do with the bill. He expressed regret for the death of any person, however, he said that listening to what AKEL said, one can conclude that the people responsible for the crimes in Gaza are in the Parliament hall. He added that those responsible are in Gaza and are the ones who victimized its people and launched the attack. He also said that if Turkey were in Israel's position, they would not have this attitude, while he said that there was not the same sensitivity for recent attacks by Turkey against civilians.

    AKEL Member of Parliament Marina Nikolaou stated that they are being asked to make agreements with the “murderer state of the Middle East”. Cyprus, he said, must stand by the principles of international law and request the implementation of the UN resolutions.

    Disy MP Haris Georgiadis said that if the debate was for the Middle East he could agree, but this is a proposal for an agreement in the field of cinema and they recommend a vote.

    AKEL Member of Parliament Giorgos Koukoumas spoke of “hypocrisy” in Parliament, after the attack on Hamas with the 1300 dead and the Parliament building was illuminated, while “nothing was done for the 30,000 Palestinians”. He also said that in the EU all relations with Russia are being cut off because of the war in Ukraine and something similar was done to bring down the apartheid regime in South Africa.

    The President of the House > Annita Dimitriou stated that for the Parliament the victims of war are always victims of war and must be treated as such and wondered why AKEL did not bring a resolution to condemn Israel's actions.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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