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Convergence of MPs to suspend auctions of “Rent instead of installment” plan applicants

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Government, KEDIPES, Central Bank and Financial Commissioner agree that the proposed law needs to be better targeted, so that it is not abused

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Agreement regarding the philosophy of AKEL's law proposal to the Parliamentary Finance Committee, regarding the right to suspend the property auction process, in case the individual has submitted an application to the “Rent instead of installment” plan, was established during its discussion, according to statements by members of parliament. As the members of the Commission stated in their statements after the meeting, the Government, KEDIPES, the Central Bank, the Financial Commissioner, agree that the proposed law needs to be better targeted, so that it is not abused.

The Chairman of the Committee, DIKO Member of Parliament, Chrysis Pantelidis, stated in his statements that “there is a unanimous consensus and agreement regarding the philosophy and correctness of this proposal as far as the parties are concerned”. He added that “as far as the government, the Central Bank, the Financial Commissioner, KEDIPES, the banks and the management companies are concerned, there is an opinion that a better targeting of this protection should be done, so as to prevent possible abuse her”.

He noted that a new text is expected to be prepared, in collaboration with the rapporteurs, KEDIPES and the other involved bodies. The goal, as he said, is to put this proposal of law for a vote next Thursday. “I hope that there will be the possibility of an agreement and we will have a unanimous position and the parties and the executive power and the Central Bank and the banks”, he concluded.

DISY Member of Parliament, Savia Orfanidou, said that for her party, the basic position of authority is “where the competent bodies, the competent state institutions, the Ministry of Finance and especially the Central Bank of Cyprus indicate that we can proceed with some improvements to the existing context, we are in agreement and positive, always given that the stability and efficiency of our financial sector is not at risk in any way”.

He said that DISY is in line with the philosophy of the proposed law, to ensure by law that, where the application is made or submitted to the “Rent instead of installment” plan, the auction process is suspended. He added, however, that there should be a restriction on those beneficiaries who can apply for the scheme, “so that it is not abused and so that it is targeted at those who really need it at the end of the day”. , as he said.

On the part of AKEL, Member of Parliament Andreas Pasiourtidis, stated that the philosophy of the proposal “meets the agreement of all institutions, banks, the Ministry of Finance, KEDIPES, but I also see a common understanding with all the parties, so that this proposal passes”.

“What we have undertaken to investigate is the formation of a wording so that it protects those who really need to be protected and at the same time does not give the right to abuse that right so that the plan can protect those who need protection,” he noted. Finally, regarding the expansion of the eligibility criteria of the beneficiaries, he said that “it is a discussion that we will have to have and it will follow in due course”.

The MP of DIPA, Alekos Tryfonidis, expressed agreement “in principle with the general framework and the targeting of the law proposal”, adding that his party will seek to reformulate the text, “so that specific targeting is done so that any abuse by those who are not in the scheme or who do not meet the conditions'.

“At the same time, while the number of applications is around 600 at the moment, we are finding very serious distortions concerning the “Rent for Installment” scheme and the dates and conditions that have been set”, he continued, stating that the purpose of DIPA is to register a matter to the Finance Committee to correct these distortions, “because every day our fellow citizens find various obstacles to its promotion and inclusion in this plan”, as he explained.

EDEK Member of Parliament, Ilias Myrianthous, expressed agreement with the philosophy of the proposed law, pointing out that there are positive developments regarding the applications that have been submitted so far for the project. He added, however, that there are also issues that need clarification, something in which, as he said, there seems to be a positive convergence from all the bodies that were placed before the Commission. “We are waiting to see the final text, if issues of amendments arise, to be able to table them, so that it will be ready next Thursday in the Plenary”, he concluded.

The MP of the Environmental Movement, Stavros Papadouris, expressed agreement with the proposed law, saying that his intention is to file an amendment to change the wording, so that it covers not only the subject of the application, but also the subject of the objection.

He noted that he does not share the reservations about possible abuse of the suspension, saying that the examination of the application will take about three months. “So, if for three months we are afraid that an abuse will take place and we prefer a temptation to proceed, this is unjustified, let the Ministry see if it shares this opinion,” he said.

He also mentioned that he has received complaints from people who may be selected for the scheme, that some of the KEDIPES officials decide that an applicant is probably not eligible, so he has no reason to apply. He described it as unacceptable for something like this to happen and said that the next time he receives such a complaint, he will file a formal complaint. Finance

Of the budgets of the semi-governmental organizations that were put before the Finance Committee today, the only one that does not proceed to vote is that of the Cyprus Ports Authority, as the Committee requested additional information and for this reason will return to the next meeting, requesting the presence of all involved.

In her statements on the matter, DISY Member of Parliament, Savia Orfanidou, stated that “in the framework of the discussion of the budget of the Cyprus Ports Authority, AKEL monotonously repeated what it has been repeating for many years, regarding the heterogeneous agreement that has been reached on privatization of the port of Limassol”.

He added that “according to the information before us, which is information provided by this government, the Cyprus Ports Authority receives more than Є12.5 million per year as rent in order not to lose its revenue. That's why he records profits between Є10 and Є12 million every year.” It concluded that “between the years 2017-2022, the state fund has received additional net income of Є364.1 million”.

The MP of DIPA, Alekos Tryfonidis, expressed great disappointment “at the non-presence of even one member of the Authority's Board of Directors in the budget discussion”, saying that “this constitutes disrespect and discredit to the Finance Committee” and that it makes it difficult to examine the budget. “We have the annual report and financial statements that have been prepared since 2016 and this is an issue and explanations have been sought from the Finance Committee,” he noted.

He also touched on the issue of compliance and the development of the concession and management agreement of the port of Limassol to private individuals, the level of charges of the port of Limassol, the competitiveness of the port and the hub in our region, as well as the effects on traders but and consumers. “Serious precautions are pending so that the companies that have taken over our ports can be checked”, Mr. Tryfonidis concluded.

COAG Budget

The budget of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (COAG) after today's debate in the Committee.

The MP of DIPA, Alekos Tryfonidis, in his statements after the meeting, underlined “the most important role played by KOAG in the agricultural economy in supporting farmers and breeders”, saying that “in the last 20 years, more than two billion euros have been granted to Cypriot farmers”.

He said that the question of the general abandonment of the countryside was raised with the Commissioner and he underlined the “need to give incentives to young people to be active in the countryside in terms of agriculture and animal husbandry as well as investment projects of the organism”. Incentives were also requested for the reconstruction of the abandoned orchards in the area of ​​Solia.

The EDEK Member of Parliament, Ilias Myrianthous, stated that during the discussion of the budget of the OCAG, they were informed by the Commissioner that out of the 29,800 applications from farmers, the 27,500 and have already been paid, while the rest will proceed within the month. As a positive parameter, he mentioned the fact that now the philosophy of the COAG “does not condemn the beneficiary if he makes an incorrect application, as in the past when high fines were imposed if he deviated from the actual areas he submitted” and that efforts are being made to correct and improve the application.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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