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Cooking until the last minute for TA reform

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Cooking until the last minute for TA reform

Βασός Βασιλείου

Until the last moment, the cooking continues regarding the Local Government reform, with DISY proposing the autonomy of the Municipality of Aradippou, which based on the proposal of the ruling party, is unhooked from Larnaca and merges with the Cells and the Domes.

However, because such a thing implies an increase of the Municipalities to 21 out of 17 that the government seeks, DISY proposes the abolition of the Municipality of Dromolaxia – Meneou, which is integrated in the Municipality of Larnaca, where based on the same proposal, Livadia is included. With this Solomonic, the municipalities are reduced by one, when DISY can invoke the fact and appear as a party that is moving in the direction of reducing the number of municipalities, close to the limit of 17 set by the Government. The position of the local authorities is expected with interest, which would create their own municipality (Dromolaxia-Meneou) and are now being integrated in Larnaca.

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The above proposal of DISY was submitted yesterday, in the form of an amendment and it is not excluded that other additions and subtractions may occur in the remaining one or two meetings. Depending, always, and the reactions that will occur. Meanwhile, yesterday's development reveals the magnitude of the reactions from local actors, given that the election campaign for the Presidential Elections has already begun.

Reference to the DISY proposal was made yesterday by the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Interior, Aristos Damianou, who after a long session said that an amendment was put by DISY to add another municipality, the Municipality of Aradippou, which will be discussed next week.

In total, about 80 amendments were tabled before the Committee and yesterday the 30 amendments of AKEL, DIKO and EDEK were discussed. Speaking on behalf of DIPA, Marinos Mousiouttas stated that an amendment was submitted by a party to reduce the municipalities from 20 to 19. As “F” already wrote, thoughts were made for the integration of the Municipality of Strovolos in the Municipality of Nicosia.

Mr. Damianou referred to convergences, which will be incorporated in the bills, clarifying that there are amendments that are pending for discussion. As he said, the goal is to complete the debate by next Thursday, but if this is not possible, then an additional session will be held with the aim of presenting the bills before the Plenary Session of the Parliament within February. Mr. Damianou acknowledged that some of the amendments concern the thorny issues of mergers, the clustering of the number of municipalities, the manner of electing deputy mayors and other issues related to the functioning of municipalities and provincial organizations.

On behalf of DISY, Mr. Sykas argued that the party remains stable over time in terms of the Government bill that provides 17 municipalities and base and with the explanatory note of the minister there are two alternatives, without increasing the number of municipalities in the province. Larnaca. He also stated that based on the studies that have been prepared in order for the municipalities to be sustainable, they should not exceed 17.

The parliamentary representative of DIKO, Panikos Leonidou, referred to the mergers of the municipalities while he also raised the issue of referendums, expressing the belief that a solution will be found with good mood and responsibility. EDEK MP Kostis Efstathiou stated that “we are very close to a consensual solution as much as we can”. DIPA MP Marinos Mousiouttas reiterated the party's support for the 14 new municipalities, adding that there is also the number 17 from DISY and the 20 favored by the majority of Parliament. The MP of Ecologists Alexandra Attalidou, expressed the position that the election of the members of the town halls but also of the mayors and the deputy mayors should reflect the political will of the citizens and the voters and therefore all the votes should be represented in the future. city councils or community complexes.

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