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Coordination of movements from Athens and Nicosia

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Coordination of movements from Athens and Nicosia

The study and coordination of movements in view of the developments expected in Cypriot and Greek-Turkish will be the main issues on the agenda of the talks between the Greek Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrives in Cyprus today, where he will meet with Nikos Anastasiadis, awaiting the convening of the informal Pentameros at the end of March, as estimated, as well as the rest of the open political funds. The agenda of the two leaders is expected to include an assessment of the wider political situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the new data created by the change of government in the United States. Joe Biden is well acquainted with the area and is particularly interested in developments. At the same time, however, the moves that are being made regarding the American-Turkish crisis are also expected with great interest.

Athens and Nicosia are also ahead of the March Summit, during which the situation regarding Turkey's stance will be re-evaluated. All this requires joint planning of movements and tactics in order to cope with the mountain of challenges they will face.

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Nikos Anastasiadis will brief the Greek Prime Minister on developments as well as on what was said during British Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab's visit to Cyprus last week.

It is also noted that the Greek Prime Minister, after completing his visit to Cyprus, will travel to Israel where he will have a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the announcement of the Presidency of the Republic at 11:15 this morning, President Anastasiadis will meet at the Presidential Palace with the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis and extended talks will follow.

Then, at 12:15 pm, President Anastasiadis and Prime Minister Mitsotakis will make statements and then the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister of Greece, as well as the members of their delegations, will attend a working lunch.

According to the announcement, the visit is for coordination and exchange of views in view of the five-party conference on the Cyprus issue that is expected to be convened by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, as everything shows, in early March.

The Turkish and Turkish Cypriot sides continue to maintain the issue of the confederation, with Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar reiterating that they can consider a confederation if their sovereignty is accepted.

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said he was ready, in an interview with Turkish journalists via Zoom, to consider the model of a confederation if Turkish Cypriot sovereignty is accepted.

During the interview, the Turkish Cypriot leader was specifically asked if there could be a confederation and replied: “If formal negotiations begin, we want the acceptance of our sovereignty, if possible, we will consider it but we do not want to name it now. Our priority is to give the necessary guarantees in order to continue the presence of the Turkish Cypriots forever “.

The Turkish Cypriot leader also said they are ready to go to either New York or Geneva, where talks will take place in March, to explain their demands and proposals. “If there is no agreement, the '' tdbk 'exists and will continue on its way and then at some point on the agenda will come its recognition by some states.” He claimed that the British Foreign Secretary also admits that if there is no agreement, the Greek Cypriots will also lose and their economy will be squeezed.

EDEK: Serious risks from Pentameri

The informal Pentameris poses serious dangers and pitfalls for the Republic of Cyprus, EDEK reports, commenting on yesterday's report of “F” in relation to the intentions of Britain. EDEK notes that once again the information that sees the light of day about the role of the British in the informal Pentamer and those who aim to achieve through “sovereign equality” becomes particularly worrying. At the same time, they confirm that the informal Pentameris poses serious dangers and pitfalls for the Republic of Cyprus.

“Once again we call on the President of the Republic to avoid any involvement in this informal Pentamer and to propose the convening of an International Conference on the Cyprus issue with the participation of all five permanent members of the Security Council, as included in the relevant decision of the General Assembly.

To discuss the international aspect of the Cyprus problem at the International Conference, which is its essence:

Abolition of guarantees

Withdrawal of all occupying troops

Repatriation of settlers

“Return of all refugees, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, in safe conditions on their property”, concludes EDEK.

Source: www.philenews.com

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