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Coronavirus: Cheap portable test results in five minutes

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Coronavirus: Cheap portable test results in five minutes

A cheap portable antibody test that can detect with great accuracy in just five minutes if someone has coronavirus antibodies in their body, so either they have had Covid-19 in the past or have been vaccinated, researchers at the Hong Kong University of Technology have developed. The test analyzes a sample of either blood or saliva.

Coronavirus antibodies continue to be produced for at least six months. Existing antibody tests are more expensive, complex and less expensive. The new test uses organic electrochemical transistors that convert biological signals into electrical ones.

A drop of blood or saliva is placed in the transistors which are made of gold and are embedded in a small plastic strip. When IgG antibodies are detected, electrical signals are generated which are then read by a lightweight mobile device connected via bluetooth to a mobile phone. The whole procedure does not take more than five minutes and the test can “catch” even low levels of antibodies.

The researchers, led by Dr. Feng Yan, who published the paper in the journal Science Advances, according to New Scientist, are designing a clinical trial to confirm the effectiveness of the test no longer in the laboratory but in real conditions . If the test is successful, researchers will seek approval for the test to be marketed at a cost of less than $ 1 per piece.

Assessing the level of immunity in humans, whether after vaccination or physical illness, when several months have passed since one event or another, shows whether protection is declining and an extra booster dose will be needed. However, the new test cannot be used when someone has a current Covid-19 infection, as it usually takes one to two weeks for detectable levels of antibodies to be produced in the body.

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