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Coronavirus – Germany: Up to 100,000 cases a day are expected by summer despite vaccinations

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Koronovirus - Germany: Up to 100,000 cases a day are expected by summer despite vaccinations

Christian Dosten, an infectious disease specialist at Berlin's Charité Hospital, fears up to 100,000 cases of coronavirus in Germany each day in the spring and summer despite ongoing vaccinations.

“Once the elderly and perhaps some of the high-risk groups are vaccinated, there will be enormous economic, social, political and perhaps even legal pressures to end measures to tackle the coronavirus. “The consequence could then be that too many people will be infected in a short period of time,” Drosten told Spiegel.

“However, the virus will mainly affect the younger ones, in whom the development is milder. “However, with so many new infections, the Intensive Care Units will continue to fill up,” he stressed.

“I do not think we can expect lower incidence in the summer months. “Spain and South Africa have already shown that the number of cases has remained high despite the heat,” added the distinguished infectious disease specialist.

“The R value should therefore be reduced to 0.7 if possible. A crucial factor is whether it will be possible to limit the mutation that first appeared in the UK. “I believe that there is still a unique opportunity to prevent the spread of this mutation in our country or at least to slow it down significantly,” he told Spiegel.

As for the measures in force to deal with the coronavirus in Germany, Dosten described them simply as “compromises. In the matter of teleworking there could certainly have been more. “It is also important that schools and kindergartens remain closed .”

Source: 24h.com.cy

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