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Correction: The next day, the possibility of an investor, the debt and the loan

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The important points in the next day of the Famagusta team

Ανόρθωση: Η επόμ&epsilon ;νη μΕρα,η πιθανότητα επενδυτor, τ ο χρεος και το δανειο

Theodoros Tsiolakis

Anorthosis officially turned a new page after the appointment of a new and unified board of directors with the desire of Andreas Santis for an administration and the transfer of the shares of the Pullaidis family to be implemented.

Andreas Sandis came last year in January, making it clear from the beginning and many times that he is not the Emir of Qatar who has millions and can spend every day with the push of a button. He clarified this in his speech at the Electoral Assembly, stressing that if a worthy investor is found, he is ready to hand over the keys to the football department. At the same time at this point it is worth mentioning that again there will be two boards of directors in Anorthosis, one of which will be the board of the football company and the other will be that of the association, to control and ensure the interests of the association . Something that existed until 02/22/2024.

At the moment there is no ready investor and neither does it appear that there is anything else in the works, therefore Anorthosis will continue until further notice with the Andreas Santi plan, which consists of a 15-member board that will be divided into two bodies. One is the executive board of eight people who will be in charge of the football department. This executive board consists of Andreas Santis (president), Andreas Andreou (deputy president), the vice presidents Savva Koumis, Konstantinos Papallis, Kosmas Konstantinidis and Stavros Papageorgiou, the role of Executive Secretary Secretary will be Panikos Andreou and the financial advisor is George Vouvakos. The remaining seven members who will be the representatives of the departments will be Acheriotis Iakovos, Giannitsaros Sotiris, Zakos Stavros, Haitidis Savvas, Charalambous Makis, Papagiorgi Marios, Hatjisotiris Aris.

From there on, the most important point on the next day of Anorthosis is the financial part. The administration of Andreas Santi took over in a difficult period, knowing the financial outstandings of the football company, with the same having tried to cover several of the debts. So far, the information indicates that the Santi administration has covered old obligations and debts of the order of 1.1 million euros, an amount that could be added to this year's budget of the football team. At the same time, there are other old debts that the Santi administration should pay off so that Anorthosis does not have various problems in the future.

The financial debt that exists certainly creates some concern, but the Santi administration has the solution, which concerns a loan of 3-3.5 million euros that will be repaid in the long term. For now, as the president of the union stated in his speech at the Electoral Assembly, he is in advanced contacts to find the loan in question, so that the administration can be consistent in its obligations.

On basically, Anorthosis already entered the next day after Poulaidis, with the work of the new administration certainly not easy, but what is certain is that the Santi administration has so far shown that it wants and has the heart to try for the best for Anorthosis. Now the wishes of the current administration have become actions and now the world is waiting to see even more actions to lead Anorthosis to where it deserves to be.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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