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Costas Kadis: The registration of halloumi should be done on the basis of the European acquis

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Costas Kadis: The registration of halloumi should be done on the basis of the European acquis

The halloumi should be secured on the basis of full respect for the European acquis related to this issue, clarified the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Costas Kadis after his meeting with the President of EDEK Marino Sizopoulos.

According to an announcement by EDEK, Mr. Kadis stated that he informed Mr. Sizopoulos about the developments that exist in this issue, the mobility that is observed and the actions that the Republic of Cyprus is taking to secure the product.

“What I want to point out is that our position is clear. It is that the hallucination should be based on full respect for the European acquis related to this issue. “In this context, all the talks and all the negotiations with the European Commission are taking place,” he said. He expressed the hope that things will move forward soon and there will be an outcome on this issue.

Mr. Kadis said that they had a very fruitful discussion with the President of EDEK, as well as the opportunity to discuss developments in the agricultural sector in general and in particular in the sheep and goat sector as he was accompanied by people in the industry.

“I informed the President about the new announcements that are expected to be made in the framework of the rural development program, through which we hope that we will strengthen the agricultural sector in general, especially the sheep and goat sector. “We want to see it modernize, upgrade, become more competitive and more productive in view of the dynamics of our national product, halloumi,” he said.

At the same time, on the occasion of Women's Day, Mr. Kadis highlighted the role of the Cypriot farmer and stressed how important it is in the wider agricultural sector.

“Through our actions and policies, in addition to supporting the wider agricultural sector, we want to highlight and support the role of the Cypriot farmer and on this occasion to send my thanks for the contribution of all Cypriot women involved. with the broader issues of the primary sector “, he said.

On his part, Mr. Sizopoulos endorsed the Minister's greeting on the occasion of Women's Day, to the Cypriot peasant woman and her overall contribution, not only to the economy but also to social development but also in general to the support and preservation of the Cypriot state entity for decades.

He also thanked the Minister for the information on the issues of halloumi certification, stating that for EDEK it is a very important issue.

He also recalled that the party had asked Parliament not to ratify this trade agreement between Canada and the European Union until the European Union has completed and completed the certification process. He also said that the party submitted concrete proposals on how the primary sector of the Cypriot economy can be supported in agriculture, livestock, in this case sheep and goats, because in the context of our economic activity the Cypriot economy should stop It is based on two vulnerable and sensitive economic pillars, the construction and the tourism.

“We must gradually develop both the primary and the secondary sector of the economy in order to achieve, on the one hand, macroeconomic stability and, on the other hand, through the reduction of unemployment among young scientists, we can create the conditions for creating adequate conditions urgent need. “I think this is very important, which is confirmed today by the coronavirus pandemic.

He added that EDEK promised the Minister to continue in the context of a constructive synergy, with constructive proposals to support exactly these development pillars, which he considers very important.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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