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Countdown to the return of “J2US” – Here's when it premieres on Alpha

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Unexpected duets in unique combinations of style, sounds and image, by singers and celebrities from all walks of life (and not only)

“Just the 2 of Us”, more impressive, modern and spectacular than ever, premieres the day after Saturday, September 25, at 21:00, at ALPHA Cyprus .

“Just the 2 of Us” with the unique Nikos Koklonis , the different, uplifting, exciting, evening super-show, comes on stage from the future and invites us every Saturday to an endless TV party of glamor, humor and music, with the most beloved and resounding names of showbiz, as we have never seen them before!

Unexpected duets in unique combinations of style, sound and image, by singers and celebrities from all walks of life (and not only) who become subversive couples, compete and set fire to the brand new, state-of-the-art, high tech scene, in a spectacle of international standards .

Their goal is to win the hearts of the cheerful but always strict and fair jury and the viewers and to secure immunity so that they can stay on the show, and conquer the top in the grand final! Their purpose is to raise a significant amount that will offer real joy and support to the charity that will be strengthened with the completion of the episodes.

Conductor and orchestrator of every glamorous episode, the incredible, larger than life, Nikos Koklonis , gives his own, always subversive, tone, presenting the couples, talking to the jury and offering nights that write TV history!

“Just the 2 of Us” – The song and the show become the brightest couple every week!



Head of Project: Elena Katrava

Project Manager: Lita Boutsi

Editor-in-Chief: Angeliki Rizou

Directed by: Costas Kapetanidis

Art Direction and Stage Curation: Fokas Evangelinos

Executive Producer: Vangelis Nydriotis

Production Execution: Barking Well Media

source: Hello! Cyprus

Source: 24h.com.cy

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