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Coup d'etat in Sudan: UN Security Council convenes

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Coup d'etat in Sudan: UN Security Council convenes

The United Nations Security Council is set to meet in camera today to discuss a military coup in Sudan, diplomats told AFP on Monday.

The meeting is being held at the request of six Western states – the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, the United States, Estonia and France – the same sources said.

During a press conference from Khartoum to journalists in New York, the UN special envoy to Sudan, the German Volker Pertes, said earlier that he expects to be invited to report on the new situation in Sudan today in the UK.

He expressed hope that the 15 Member States would show renewed unity, stressing that the Council's communications over the past two years have been “taken quite seriously” by actors in Sudan.

According to diplomats, members of the SA intend to ask for a joint statement. The text is not expected to reach the explicit condemnation of the coup, which was made by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres;

The goal is to be adopted by all members, but it is not certain whether Russia and China will approve it, the diplomat clarified.

Moscow yesterday differed from the general international outcry, saying the military coup was “the logical result of a failed policy” accompanied by “widespread foreign interference”, defying the “despair and deplorable state of much of the population”.

Asked about the international reactions, Volker Pertes said that the criticism is stronger than the US and Europe but more measured by neighboring countries, which are concerned about the stability of the region.

Source: politis.com.cy

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