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Covid-19: What is the “smart” patch vaccine being developed in Britain?

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Covid-19: What is the

Researchers in Britain have announced that they are developing the world's first vaccine for the coronavirus, which is in the form of a “smart” patch (patch) and will then be able to measure the effectiveness of the vaccine by monitoring the immune responses of the vaccinated organism.

Scientists at the Institute of Innovative Materials at the University of Wales in Swansea, led by Dr. Sanjiv Sarma, a specialist in biomedical engineering, said the patch has one-millimeter-long needles that transport the vaccine non-invasively. Among other things, they are ideal for those who are too afraid of regular needles and injections.

The patches will attach to the skin for up to 24 hours and monitor certain biomarkers of immunity (immunoglobulins) in the skin. These patches, which have tiny needles made of polycarbonate or silicon, look like nicotine patches for those trying to quit smoking or patches for monitoring blood sugar in diabetics.

The researchers said that transdermal vaccines are a safe and effective method of administering vaccines, while also having the advantage of allowing smaller doses, lower production costs and easier distribution.

A prototype of the patch is expected to be ready by March, after which British scientists plan to begin clinical trials in collaboration with Imperial College London. They estimate, according to the BBC, that the “patch” will be commercially available in three years and can be used in the future for other diseases besides Covid-19.


Source: politis.com.cy

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