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Covid bent employees

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Covid bent employees

The pandemic crisis that Cyprus has experienced, like other EU countries, has created unprecedented data in the labor market with many workers experiencing job insecurity and more working hours per week.

Specifically, 21.4% or one in five employees in Cyprus worked without a contract according to the European Foundation, Eurofound, which specializes in social and labor relations. The research of the institution based in Dublin, covers the period February to March 2021 and the data show the difficult working conditions that have arisen in the labor market of Cyprus, as a result of the crisis of Covid-19.

Exactly the percentage of employees in Cyprus who worked without a contract for the period in question was the highest in the whole of the EU. At the same time, a percentage of 12.4% of Cypriot workers were employed on a temporary contract basis, while 64.3% on the basis of an unlimited term contract. It is noted that the corresponding percentage in the EU for employees employed in companies without a contract was 1.4%, on a fixed-term contract basis was 14.8% and with an indefinite contract 79.4%.

25.4% of Cypriot workers were constantly worried about their working situation when they were unable to work due to the pandemic crisis, while 15.5% were quite worried and 23.8% were sometimes worried about their work condition. It is noted that at EU level the percentage of employees who were constantly worried about their employment status was 7%, quite worried 18.9% and sometimes worried 32%.

Job insecurity

In addition, the Cypriot worker was quite worried about losing his job for the next three months. Specifically, when asked how likely or unlikely it is that 4.9% will lose their job in the next three months, he considered it very likely, while 10.2% considered it quite probable, which ranks our country in fourth place in EU countries. Greece was first, followed by Bulgaria and Slovakia. At EU level, the percentage that he considered most likely to lose his job in the next three months was 3.6% while 5.5% considered it quite possible. It is worth noting that the working hours of Cypriots were higher compared to the EU average, since when asked how many hours per week they worked during the previous month, Cypriots worked 43.7 hours while the EU average was 40 hours.

Working hours

Finally, a percentage of 5% among Cypriots considered that his family obligations did not give him enough room to concentrate at work, a percentage which is the highest in the EU. On the contrary, a percentage of 12.8% of Cypriot workers occupied his free time to cover his work obligations. This percentage was the third highest. In first place was Portugal with 13.8% and in second place Spain with 13.1%.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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