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Covid19: More than 3 billion vaccinated worldwide – 40% of doses were given in China

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Covid19: More than 3 billion vaccinated worldwide - 40% of doses were given in China

More than three billion doses of vaccine against Covid-19 have been administered worldwide, according to a count of the French Agency today at 12:00 Greek time, based on official sources.

The billionth dose was given 20 weeks after the start of the first mass vaccination campaigns in December, and the number of vaccines delivered reached two billion in six weeks, and it took less than four weeks for the three to increase.

About 40% of the doses given to the world (1.2 billion) have been made in China. India (329 million) and the United States (324 million) complete the top three.

However, compared to their population, among the countries with more than one million inhabitants, is the Middle East where the 'champions' of vaccination are located: the United Arab Emirates (153 doses per 100 inhabitants), Bahrain (124) and Israel (124). These countries approach or exceed 60% of the fully vaccinated population.

It is followed by Chile (118 doses per 100 inhabitants), the United Kingdom (113), Mongolia (111), Uruguay (110), Hungary (107), Qatar (107), the USA (98). These countries have fully vaccinated about half of their population (between 46% and 54%).

As far as the European Union is concerned, it has given 357 million doses to 50% of its population. About 32% of the residents of the block have been fully vaccinated. Malta, the smallest country in the EU, is by far the most advanced, with over 70% of its population fully vaccinated. The EU's most populous countries – Germany, France, Italy, Spain – are moving around the average, with about a third of their population fully vaccinated.

Although the majority of poor countries have started vaccinations, mainly thanks to the Covax mechanism (World Health Organization, Gavi alliance and Cepi coalition), vaccination against Covid continues to be characterized by large disparities: “high-income” countries (such as by the World Bank) have provided an average of 79 installments per 100 inhabitants, compared to a single installment in “low-income” countries.

Five countries have not yet launched their vaccination campaigns: Tanzania, Burundi, Eritrea, Haiti and North Korea.

Despite the criticism leveled at him, the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine, which has been given to nearly 80% of countries and territories that immunize their citizens (at least 171 out of 216), is the most widely distributed worldwide. They are followed by the formulations of Pfizer / BioNTech (at least 102, 47%), Sinopharm and Moderna (at least 48 countries, 22%), Spoutnik V (at least 41 countries, 19%), Johnson & Johnson (at least 31, 14%) ) and Sinovac (at least 24, 11%).

Source: politis.com.cy

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