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Covid19: Relaxations in the shadow of the 90 dead

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The members of the epidemiological team are doing exercises on paper until the last moment, who will meet today with the Minister of Health to finalize the proposals that will be taken to the Council of Ministers on Thursday. The rise of nearly a thousand cases on Monday was not enough to prevent the implementation of new relaxations, with epidemiologists turning their attention to the harsh indicators of the pandemic, such as hospitalization and death. However, the rise in the positive rate in the elderly and the dozens of deaths that continue to be recorded are worrying, especially for citizens who have not been vaccinated. On average, three deaths were reported on a daily basis in February, with experts insisting that the only way out of the pandemic was vaccination.

Nearly 90

< p>According to the data of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit, the percentage of positivity in the age group of 4-5 years is 2.16%, while in the ages 80-84 and 85 and over it amounts to 3.36% and 3.12% respectively. As the member of the epidemiological team, Dr. Maria Koliou, stated yesterday, the specific data were expected regarding children, however, the fact that multiple cases are detected at older ages is a cause for concern. As he said, the vaccination coverage in the nursing homes is high, since it reaches 90%, but it is not the desired one. He noted that of the seven deaths, six were unvaccinated. Cases in the elderly may be rising, but numbers in the general population continue to decline. It is indicative of the fact that throughout February 67,077 new cases were identified, with the average positive rate exceeding only 2%. In January, the new infections had exceeded 95 thousand, to be precise 95,294, with the positivity rate being close to 3.2%. The drop in cases also significantly affected the hospitalization rate, as the average number of patients in February was 155, of which 38 were in serious condition, while in January 208, with 75 patients in MAF and ICU. At the same level, with a slight improvement, the mortality rate moved, as in January the death toll due to the virus reached 95 and in February at 88.

At the Ministry

The issue of reducing the quarantine of cases is expected to be raised, with some of the experts suggesting that the restriction be dropped to 7 days and others to 5. According to information from “P”, there is a suggestion to reduce the restriction of close contacts cases, from 10 to 7 days. In fact, as a competent source told “P”, it is not ruled out that in mid-March the quarantine for close contacts will be reduced and at the end of the month the protocol for the reduction of cases will be changed. The division of the premises according to their danger is expected to be locked at the Ministry on Thursday. Experts recommend the abolition of safepass passages in basic necessities, supermarkets, bakeries and pharmacies. During today's meeting, the protocol of the restaurants is expected to be re-evaluated, with the majority of epidemiologists promoting the abolition of the mandatory submission of a negative test in music and dance centers for triple vaccinated. In addition, there may be changes to the 15-hour test, which may be lifted and the 24-hour test validated, in an effort to simplify protocols.

New vaccine >

Fifteen thousand doses of the Nuvaxovid vaccine were received by Cyprus yesterday. According to the Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services Elena Panagiotopoulou, today the Ministry of Health will announce the start date of vaccination with Nuvaxovid, as well as when it will be available at vaccination centers. This is the fifth vaccine against coronavirus that arrives in Cyprus, which will be administered to citizens over 18 years of age. This vaccine will be given in doses, with an interval of 3 weeks, while, according to the studies carried out, the effectiveness of the Nuvaxovid vaccine corresponds to about 90%. And while the Ministry of Health is preparing for the administration of the new vaccine, hoping that it will attract citizens who have not been vaccinated, the issue of the fourth or annual dose is being discussed. The scenario of the annual coronavirus vaccination dose, starting in the fall, is already being discussed, in order to treat the virus in the long run. Final decisions, however, can not be made yet, as the clinical studies have not been completed. Both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are awaiting final clinical trials before giving final guidelines. If the annual dose scenario is finally confirmed at this time, it will be decided with which vaccines it will be done, ie if there will be a more upgraded formulation.

Source: politis.com.cy

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