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“Cracks” in Orthodoxy by the “pro-war” Cyril and the plans for the “Third Rome”

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The pro-war stance of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, who stands by Putin, “blessing” the Russian invasion of Ukraine with statements and fiery speeches that are inconsistent with a pro- Of the Orthodox Church, but refer to military terminology.

The “coexistence” of the Primate of the Russian Church with President Putin, in addition to cracks in Orthodoxy, led the European Commission to propose sanctions against the Patriarch of Moscow, as part of a sixth package of measures in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine./p>

On the other hand, the encouragement of Russian soldiers in the war against Ukraine by the 75-year-old Patriarch of Moscow, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a way that substantially encourages and does not justify bloodshed against Ukrainians The Russian Orthodox Church has criticized Pope Francis for using the wrong tone in urging him not to become Putin's “grandfather,” warning the Vatican that such comments would hurt the church. .

Patriarch Cyril's plan for the “Third Rome”

The “protagonist” in a warlike story, where Orthodox kill Orthodox, is the Moscow Patriarchate and Patriarch Kirill, who calls on the faithful in Russia to rally against the invasion of Ukraine, as the attack concerns the decadent and immoral Western civilization. .

The grandiose plan of Patriarch Cyril concerns the expansion of the Russian Church, to places that belong to the intellectual and administrative jurisdiction of other Patriarchates, and in particular of the elders, with the ultimate goal of creating the so-called Third Rome and the attempt to impose the Russian as a protagonist in the field of the Orthodox Church.

The Church of Greece from the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine referred to the role of the Patriarch of Moscow, noting that it can not justify the war, condemning his attitude. As ecclesiastical figures told protothema.gr commenting on Moscow's approach, “the Church of Russia and many of its Hierarchs have a logical elite reminiscent of Tsarist times, far removed from the approach of Greek things that Metropolitans and Hierarchs come from the people “. In addition, a letter from Archbishop Jerome to the Patriarch of Moscow on the war in Ukraine has been requested since the beginning of March, calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine. Putin

“The situation with Moscow is difficult, but relations have not frozen,” said the Vatican prime minister. “We have said that the pope is willing to go to Moscow, we are waiting for Moscow's reaction,” the Vatican said in a statement. “We are waiting for them to react and tell us what they want,” said Vatican Prime Minister Cardinal Pietro Parolin. “I do not think that beyond that, the Pope can take any other initiative. “The moment is difficult with Moscow, but relations have not frozen,” he added.

Pope's “split” with Moscow & # 8211; He called Cyril “Putin's grandson”

The Russian Orthodox Church “responded” yesterday to Pope Francis, accusing him of using the wrong tone when he urged Patriarch Cyril not to become the “grandson” Putin, warning the Vatican that such comments would hurt inter-church dialogue.

Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera that Cyril, who has expressed support for the war in Ukraine, “can not become the grandfather of President Vladimir Putin.” The Russian Orthodox Church has said that it is unfortunate that a month and a half after Francis's direct conversation with Cyril, the pope adopted such a tone. “Pope Francis has chosen the wrong tone to convey the content of this conversation,” the Moscow Patriarchate said, although it did not explicitly comment on “Papadopedi”. “Such statements are unlikely to help establish a constructive Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church, which is especially needed at the moment, “said a statement from the Moscow Patriarchate.

EU sanctions

The new list, which has yet to be approved by member states, includes 58 people, including many Russian servicemen, as well as the wife, daughter and son of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov. This includes the head of the Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor, Andrei Lipov. The sanctions impose a ban on entry into EU countries and a freeze on assets. “More than a thousand people have already been blacklisted in Europe.” Patriarch Kirill, “a longtime ally of President Vladimir Putin, has become one of the main supporters of the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” it said. in the document. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia has stepped up his sermons in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On February 27, he spoke of a struggle against the “forces of evil” that oppose the historic “unity” between Russia and Ukraine.

Source: politis.com.cy

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