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Creative expression and artistic development are promoted, said Yf. Culture

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    The Deputy Minister's greeting Culture at the awarding ceremony of the 2023 short story competition of the magazine “Nea Epochi”

    The Deputy Ministry of Culture aims to promote creative expression and, in cooperation with cultural institutions, wishes to build an environment that favors artistic development, progress and the well-being of people of culture, Deputy Minister of Culture Vassiliki Kassianidou said on Monday.

    In her greeting at an event of the magazine “Nea Epochi” for the awarding of prizes to the winners of the short story competition for 2023, the Deputy Minister of Culture noted that the bill, entitled “About the Creation of a Registry of Artists and Establishment of Artistic Sponsorship Law of 2024”, which aims to institutionalize the social and professional status of the artist and which has recently been put to public consultation.

    He also pointed out that in order to achieve the strategic planning to promote cultural creation and its quality upgrade, the Deputy Ministry of Culture has also strengthened its sponsorship programs and intends to review and improve them before announcing them next year.

    < p>“One of our sponsoring programs, which is already in place, is the 'Strengthening of Cultural Content Periodicals' Project from the Department of Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry, which helps to strengthen the publication of periodicals that publish articles, studies, reviews , analyzes that concern and/or present issues, forms and events, which are primarily related to the field of Cypriot literary and artistic creation, the history and cultural heritage of Cyprus”, he noted.

    He added that at the same time, within the framework of the goal of strengthening cultural literacy and education, an Action Plan is being drawn up to implement programs to cultivate cultural literacy, promote the love of reading and implement measures to encourage our young people to get closer to the cultural events of the place.

    Regarding the magazine “Nea Epochi”, the Deputy Minister of Culture stated that it is the oldest cultural magazine, which has been continuously published in our country since 1959, and that all these years, the magazine highlights the work of people of culture and contributes decisively to upgrading the cultural level of the place and society.

    He also emphasized that by taking the initiative to establish the short story competition from last year, the magazine rewards the quality writing creation and by extension the social contribution of the authors, indicating that it is very encouraging that the competition has been embraced by the public, since its inception.

    Finally, he congratulated both the winners of the competition and the editorial board of the “Nea Epochi” magazine for organizing the short story competition, “as it showcases the quality literary creation that our society needs so much today” and also thanked the jury, which spent valuable time evaluating the texts.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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