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Crime in Chalkida: “The 39-year-old woman bought the two butcher knives a week ago – They were never related”

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Εγκλημα στη Χαλ κiδα: «Η 39χρονη αγoρασε τα δyο χασα&pi ;ομàχαιρα μiα εβδομàδα πριν – Δεν &epsilon ;χαν ποτè σχèση»

What the lawyer for the victim's family says about the shocking case

The 39-year-old woman, who is accused that he killed the 43-year-old in front of his wife under their house in Chalkida, arrived in court yesterday morning, where he claimed that it all started with an affair they had a few years ago. Apologizing to the victim's family, he said he had not planned the crime. Prosecutor and investigator decided to remand her.

The 43-year-old's wife gives another version and describes how she knew that until 2021 the 39-year-old was bothering her husband of.

It is recalled that in the early hours of Saturday (20/1) the 39-year-old left her home in Loukisia Chalkidas, traveled a distance of 20 kilometers to the 43-year-old's house in the center of the city and set up a cartel for him. As soon as the 39-year-old saw him, she attacked him from behind, stabbing him to death, with multiple stab wounds all over his body.

Konstantina Dimoglidou, press representative of EL.AS., and the lawyer of the victim's family, Athanasios On Tuesday, they spoke on the show “Society Hour MEGA” about the case. victim, Athanasios Tartis, spoke on the show “Socionia Ora MEGA” about the case.

“Today I will take the deposition. What we know we know from what the advocates said. The support of the prosecution, i.e. the relatives, are entitled to get copies after the plea. From today we start taking part of the case file”.

“He was remanded in custody after the apology. In the preliminary investigation, he did not want to give the reason. He was then taken to the competent prosecutor and remanded in custody. Since he did not testify to us, we cannot know the motive,” said Konstantina Dimoglidou.

Mr. Tartis said that the motivation was evident from the position of the advocates, since as the advocates said, in the last three years the harassment towards the victim's face began.

“The victim has never had a relationship the 39-year-old – Not even before marriage”

Indeed, they said that the accused was being pressured, while her parents said that she was being abused.

“In my own estimation, the perpetrator considered the victim responsible for the domestic violence, because Sakis had contacted her husband and told him. The victim never had a relationship with the 39-year-old. They didn't have a relationship before marriage either. He tries a second time to kill Sakis. He says he went with his best friend's wife.”

“Psychiatric tests were requested. He had watched the victim. He got down to Chalkida, parked nearby, hid next to his car and waited there for four hours. She went and had two butcher knives with her. A week ago he went to a certain store in the city and bought the two knives,” he added.

Ms. Dimoglidou said that criminologists say that murder with a knife is one of the most brutal crimes.

source: newsbeast.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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