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CT analysis: Erdogan finds and does. When the cat doesn't want to catch the mouse

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Ανλυ ση CT: ΒρΙσκει και κανει ο Ερντογαν. ;αν η γατα δεν θελει να πιασει το πο&nu ;τiκι

Where does the West's tolerance of Turkish moles come from &#8211? Boundary game starring Erdogan and the heads of decision-making centers – The Turkish President plays everything for everything, risking the final rupture – How long will the patience of the West last?

In Erdogan, who risks permanently blowing up his country's relations with the West in order to be re-elected, is again putting Turkey in diplomatic entanglements. The pre-election games played by the Turkish President are gradually leading to an unprecedented diplomatic crisis. The United States and the European Union have been trying for months to balance the situation, adopting a carrot and stick policy. But can this last forever?

First of all, Erdogan is well aware that he is taking a big risk. He seems to have no other choice as he realizes that if he is not declared a winner by the ballot box or ballot boxes in May, he will enter into terrible adventures. He will have to deal with legal disputes and financial scandals with personal involvement, which for years he has been trying to hide under the mess. That's why he chooses to follow an “all in” tactic, hoping to succeed.

On the other hand, the West seems to be tired of all these turds, which it often swallows in order to avoid disturbances on many fronts. From Greek-Turkish issues and Cyprus, immigration and Syria, to NATO enlargement, the Ukrainian issue and the energy crisis. Ankara made sure that it had a role in all of this underground, or many times created crises, holding some blackmail cards in its hands.

The two sides of the coin create a vicious circle of seeming interdependence.For this and in recent years, every time the decision-making centers had to punish Turkey for something, whether they did it with the… soft either they took care after a while to give her some consideration to gild the pill. The result was that the government of Turkey took this attitude as a weakness of the West or even a trigger to continue the policy of gunboats. He never saw it as an opportunity to conform.

Above s’ this data is being used by Erdoğan today to project his country as an emerging global superpower. That's the only way he thinks he can hide the gamut of mistakes in his internal governance that led the country to the precipice. Last week he ended it, openly stating that the Greek side… challenges Turkey from… annoyance and envy of his country's place on the world stage. And a few hours later, his right-hand man, Ibrahim Kalin, generalized it by stating that the West is more broadly reacting to Turkey's development into a global superpower.

Thus -for example- the Ankara to justify domestically the stormy reactions caused in Washington by the intention of the Biden administration to approve the sale of F16s to the Turkish air force. And this as a countermeasure to the locked blocking to ensure F35 after the acquisition of the Russian S400s by Turkey.

Returning to the question of the first paragraph, we will see that everything is a matter of limits. The truth is that Turkey has exceeded these limits for years. The West's mistake was that it often had to move its lines. Again and again. But even there there are limits. Everything points to this leading to some kind of rupture. When that is, no one can say for sure, even if Erdogan hopes there won't be an “explosion” before May.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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