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CT analysis: In a gray zone is the extension of Holguin's term. Who is lying? 

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    Blurred landscape for possible extension of Holguin's term – The Government confirms the information – Ersin Tatar flatly denies – Again on the road of silence the UN – Why is it necessary for the Greek Cypriot side to tell the truth

    Another chaos, in chaosof the Cypriot brought the discussion about the intention of the UN Secretary General to extend the term of Maria Angela Holguin for another three months. The information was released after the meeting Antonio Guterres had with George Gerapetritis in the presence of the personal envoy herself. It was forwarded to the President of the Republic and confirmed by the official lips of the Government, such as the Representative Letymiotis and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Kopos.

    In the occupied territories, the information initially caused confusion and disturbance. Ersin Tatar started the long-distance reaction phone calls again, in an attempt to stop the course of developments that Antonio Guterres seems to be setting in motion. At the same time, his collaborators began to leak to the Turkish Cypriot press that this would require the pseudo-state's consent, which it would not give.

    All this until Friday afternoon and the written statement issued by the “presidency” of the occupied. Citing “United Nations sources”, Tatar's office denied the reports recalling that the occupying leader had advocated for Holgin's appointment after meeting the condition that the effort would last only six months. Bordering on cynicism, the Turkish Cypriot side added that it will continue to work with the personal envoy for the next month.

    And because there can hardly be two truths, logic says that at least one of the two parties is lying. To learn the real data there are two ways. Either the UN General Secretariat will choose to take an official position, or we will once again wait for the facts themselves to reveal the truth.

    Unfortunately, this was done in the first phase of the discussion on the timetable and terms of Holguin's mandate. The pseudo-state insisted from the beginning that the mission would last for six months, based on an agreement with the UN Secretary General himself. He maintained and maintains to this day that the personal envoy will complete her work on July 5.

    Unfortunately, once again, the Greek Cypriot side stated at the beginning that no question of a timetable has been raised. He then claimed ignorance of such a thing and in the end was forced to admit that indeed Holguin's contract expires in July. So -again- unfortunately the result showed that Ersin Tatar was right.

    In this case we hope he is wrong for two reasons. The first is that the eventual continuation of Holgin's effort will give impetus to the process and possibly until the UN General Assembly there will be developments in interrelated issues such as the Euro-Turkish ones. The second, and more important, are the risks hidden by the eventual completion of the effort in July without result. Especially about the course of the pseudo-state in the international community.


    Source: cyprustimes.com

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