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CT Analysis: Menendez's stern warning on militarization of occupied territories

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Ανλυση CT : Αυστηρor προειδοποΙηση ΜενΕντ εζ για στρατιωτικοποΙηση κατε χoμενων

Menendez's intervention for the security of Cypriots – Who is at risk, from whom? – Strict Warning to Occupation Troops – Senator Appeals to the US Government and Brussels to Take Action

With yet another targeted and stern warning, the Robert Menendeztried to wake up the American Government about the Cyprus issue. Speaking at the 4th Delphi Forum on the Eastern Mediterranean in Washington, the Senator asked Joe Biden to “show a stronger stance and work with the European Union to put pressure on Ankara”.

The priority this time was the safety of the Greek Cypriots, since Menendez declared openly and clearly that the occupied has been for half a century the most militarized place in the world.Elaborating on his approach, he said there was a disproportionate number of Turkish troops in the region compared to the security that might be needed. And he explained this as an aggressive possibility against the Republic of Cyprus.

With this position, the President of the Foreign Relations Committee of the American Senate wanted to demolish the Turkish narratives about the alleged insecurity of the Turkish Cypriots.< /strong>These are often presented by the Turkish side, in an attempt to convince the international community of the necessity of maintaining Turkish troops and guarantees in Cyprus. The pretext that – among other things – led to the collapse of the effort in Crans Montana.

With his position, Robert Menendez put the debate on the right footing, calling on Washington and Brussels to take action. For the Senator, the ones who should feel insecure are the Greek Cypriots. The victims of the Turkish invasion and occupation of the island, not the perpetrators.

S’ both the European Union and the White House should focus on this logic. To criticize Ankara's attitude and to call on it to change course. “Let's do more intense work,” as Senator Menendez suggested. The man who has stated many times that as long as he keeps his headquarters, he will work “until that day comes when the last boot of the last Turkish soldier leaves northern Cyprus”.

A < strong>exemplary statement, which the two recipients of the messages must adopt with their eyes closed. The American Government and Brussels, which often seem to forget the fact that Cyprus is a problem of invasion and occupation. This is the only way they might be able to bring Turkey into compliance and bring it to the path of reason. Convince her to cooperate for the obvious: the resumption of talks in order to find a fair, sustainable and functional solution to the Cyprus problem.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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