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Cut-and-sew recruitment at the Youth Organization shows the Audit

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    < p>The main findings of the private auditors, resulting from the audit of the above financial statements of ONEK, are summarized below:

     Cases of deviation from International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) were identified. The private auditors recommended that ONEK's accounting department registers corrective entries in order to achieve compliance with IAS and/or IFRS at the end of each year.

     Bank deposits and cash reserves are kept in only one bank . The private auditors recommended that, for the purpose of spreading the risk, bank accounts be opened in at least one more bank.

     The amortization period of the capital expenditure incurred on the rental buildings is, in some cases, longer than the lease period. In addition, depreciation cannot be accurately calculated as no itemized statement of improvements and renovations to rental properties is kept. The private auditors recommended that these costs be amortized according to the remainder of the lease period, taking into account the reasonable prospect of renewal/extension of the lease. In addition, they suggested a more detailed recording of ONEK's assets.

     An asset register and a physical count certificate were not provided as provided for in Warehouse Regulation no. 109. The private auditors recommended compliance with the relevant Regulation and a more detailed record of ONEK's assets.

     The actuarial study carried out in 2019 for the Pension and Grants Plan did not take into account the obligation arising in relation to the tips of permanent employees, nor that arising from the vesting of the provident fund of hourly employees. The private auditors suggested that the actuarial study also covers ONEK's obligation in relation to the gratuity of the permanent employees as well as the guaranteed amount of the hourly wage provident fund.

     The amounts declared to the European Commission (EU) as grants given to contractors had not previously been reconciled with ONEK's accounting system. The private auditors recommended that the accounting office of ONEK certify the correctness of the amount declared to the EU.

    In addition, as a result of the illegal permanence of ONEK staff, who served in the past either under a contract or by leasing services and placing them in permanent positions, without their publication, a fact which occupied our Service in the past and a relevant extensive report is made in our Annual Report for 2008 as well as the serious findings arising from the complaint investigation into the qualifications of the then Volunteering Commissioner, our Service decided to carry out an additional check in order to establish whether the Youth Officers and Assistant Secretarial Officers, who were illegally appointed to a permanent position at ONEK from 1.1.2008, even today fulfill the provisions of the relevant Service Plan of the position they serve. From this audit, in addition to what we had already mentioned in our previous Reports, the following emerged:

     There was no prior announcement of the positions and the correct recruitment procedures were not followed.

     The persons appointed did not sit for a written examination to claim the position, in violation of the provisions of the relevant Service Plans.

     The persons appointed to the position of Assistant Secretarial Officer took exams for the Law and Regulations of ONEK, in order to validate their appointment, with a delay of 6 years and after a suggestion from our Service.

     They were done amendments to the Service Plan of the Youth Officer so that the then serving employees meet the required qualifications for appointment to the permanent positions.

     In most cases, not all the required degrees/diplomas were registered in the personal files.

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    We recommended that the principles of legality, equality, and natural justice be observed, it is noted.

    General Recommendations

    The preparation of financial statements of ONEK to be made on the basis of international standards and to ensure the correct assessment and mitigation of risk in terms of its cash and fixed assets.

    Also, ONEK's decisions should be made on the basis of the legislative and regulatory framework that governs it and in accordance with the principles of sound financial management, legality, equality and natural justice.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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