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Cutting the king pie of the “G&P Lazarou Estate Agents” Group

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Η &kappa ;οπor της βασιλoπιτας του Ομiλου « G&P Lazarou Estate Agents»

In a beautiful atmosphere of celebration and warm hospitality, the cutting of the king cake of the “G&P Lazarou Estate Agents” Group took place on Friday, January 26, 2024, at the Group's headquarters, at 174 Athalassa Avenue in Nicosia.

The event began with a ceremony of consecration of those present, by the Theophilestatos Chorebishop of Karpasia Christophoros. Afterwards, the king cake was cut by the honorable President of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Annita Dimitriou, in the presence of the Ambassadors: Saudi Arabia and Romania, the representatives of the Ambassadors of Greece and the USA, Party Presidents, MPs, mayors, businessmen from the sector, as well and other citizens who honored the event with their presence.

Η κ&omicron ;πor της βασιλoπιτας του Ομiλου «G& P Lazarou Estate Agents»

Accompanied by food and drink, the Speaker of the Parliament sent greetings and actively participated in the discussions on issues of the sector and the economy in general.

On his part, the President of the “G&P Lazarou Estate Agents” Group , Mr. Petros Lazarou, wished everyone a happy new year with health and creativity in all sectors, especially in the real estate sector, which he has been serving for more than 30 years with responsibility and respect for his partners and clients, whom he thanked for their eternal support and friendship.

Η κοπor της βασι&lambda ;πιτας του Ομiλου «G&P Lazarou Estate Agents»

As he mentioned, the new year will continue even more dynamically for the company and its partners as in previous years, while he committed to continue to offer citizens what is required by the development of technology, changes in society and new trends that make him dynamic and challenging sector.

“We carefully monitor the changes in society's needs. The focus on sustainability, the need for green solutions and responding to changes in people's lifestyles open up new opportunities for innovative approaches in the real estate sector and we seek to satisfy all consumer demands.

Η κοπor της βασι&lambda ;πιτας του Ομiλου «G&P Lazarou Estate Agents»

Η κοπor της βασι&lambda ;πιτας του Ομiλου «G&P Lazarou Estate Agents»

We must not overlook the importance of collaboration and networking in the field of real estate. The formation of successful partnerships is decisive for facing the challenges and exploiting the opportunities that arise”.

Η κοπor της βασιλoπιτας του Ομiλ ου "G&P Lazarou Estate Agents"

Mr. Lazarou reiterated once again the need to support the professionals of the sector as well as citizens with targeted measures to support the economy and prospective property buyers for housing and investment, for the common benefit of the state and society.

Source: www.philenews.com

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