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Cypra Slaughterhouse: The members of the Research Committee have been sworn in and are working

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Cypra Slaughterhouse: The members of the Research Committee have been sworn in and are working

Following the announcement of the Attorney General of the Republic dated 22 December 2020 for the appointment of an Investigative Committee in relation to the slaughterhouse of the company Cypra Ltd. Pursuant to Article 2 of Chapter 44 of the Law on Research Committees and the publication of KDP 652/2020 in the Official Gazette of the Republic, the members of the Committee were sworn in today before the Attorney General of the Republic, Mr. George Savvidis. Harris Pogiatzis, former President of the District Court and the Commissioners Mr. Cyprus Michailidis, former Chief of Police and Ms. Lemonia Kaoutzani, former Senior District Judge.

In accordance with its terms of reference, the Commission of Inquiry is instructed to conduct a full and thorough investigation to verify all those facts, actions, decisions, acts or omissions, in relation to the transactions and / or the treatment and / or dealing by any authority and / or body and / or official and / or government official and / or employee of the public sector or the wider public sector from 2007 to 31 December 2020, date of issuance and publication of the relevant Decree in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus , in relation to the companies Cypra Ltd. and / or Cypra Bioenergy Ltd. and / or other affiliated and / or related companies and / or their directors and / or shareholders. The detailed terms of reference of the Research Committee are recorded in the said Decree.

Speaking during the swearing-in, the Attorney General of the Republic said: “The work you have been called upon to carry out is very substantial and serious, I am absolutely certain that you recognize its gravity, as well as the demand of both the citizens and myself for transparency. and purification and I am convinced that you will carry out in full the mission assigned to you, within the framework of the Law and the order given to you.

All three of you have previously served in very important positions and you are well aware of the maximum obligation of the institutions to serve Democracy, the rule of law and goodwill.

I am sure that you will act only with the faithful observance of the terms of your mandate, away from any outside interventions.

The range of terms of reference is very wide and covers a long period of time, but I hope that with the method and diligence with which each of you is characterized, you will complete your mission as soon as possible.

I express my congratulations and wish everyone good work “.

Thanking the Attorney General for the trust that, through their appointment, he showed to the members of the Investigative Committee, the President, Mrs. Haris Pogiatzis, speaking on behalf of its members, noted that the Commission will speak through the Report that will submit to the Attorney General. At this initial stage, as Mr. Pogiatzis said, “not much needs to be said. The Investigative Committee will speak through its work and finally through its Report that it will submit to the Attorney General, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation “.

Expressing certainty for the good cooperation of the members of the Research Committee, Mr. Pogiatzis stated: “I know Ms. Kautzani very well since we served together in the Judicial Service for about 18 years. I therefore know its capabilities and perspicacity and effectiveness. I am sure that we will have the same good cooperation that we had as fellow Judges.

I am sure that we will have the same good cooperation with Mr. Michailidis, whose many years of experience gained while serving in the various sectors and reaching the highest position of Chief of Police, will be valuable for the work of the Commission “.

After their legal swearing in under Article 4 of the relevant Law, all members of the Research Committee went to the workplace of the Committee.

Source: politis.com.cy

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