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Cypriot actor about his partner: “I first saw her in 2015… I flirted with her but she spat on me”

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    Κύπριος ηθοπο&iota ;oς για τη σyντροφο του: «Την πρωτ οεΙδα το 2015… τη φλΕρταρα αλλα με Εφτυ&sigma ;ε»

    What he revealed in his interview

    In the show “I saw you in the morning” with Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Jenny Melita today, Monday January 8, a favorite Cypriot actor, who made revelations.

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    The reason for Tony Dimitriou< /strong>who spoke openly for the first time about how he met his partner Stefania Gournelou who is also an actress.

    Κύπριος ηθοποι ς για τη σyντροφο του: «Την πρωτ&omicron ;εΙδα το 2015… τη φλΕρταρα αλλα με Εφτυσ ε»

    Initially he said: “Stephania and I have been together since the end of June 2022, that is about a year and a half. We matched, I found the match…crazy.”

    He then added: “I first saw her in 2015 at a photoshoot for a series we did then, I asked about her and they told me she's a colleague. Nothing more though, because then I was elsewhere and I was fine. I won't lie though, she was a very impressive girl. I also saw her at work and I liked her, I was like: oh, we're going to mess…

    At some point we met again in '17, we played in the same theater but in different shows. At some point in '22 I flirted with her and she spat on me, maybe even better then of course.

    And at one point I was somewhere else but I wasn't yet… and as soon as that ended I had an invitation to a show. I sent her on Instagram if she wants to go together and she says: why not? And there we were destroyed”.

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    Κyπριος ηθοποιoς για τη σyντ&rho ;οφο του: «Την πρωτοεiδα το 2015… τη φ λερταρα αλλα με εφτυσε»

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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