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Cypriot actor breaks out about political correctness: “I like flirting but I'm scared with all the things that are happening”

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    Ξεσπà Κyπριοσ η&theta ;οποιός για την πολιτικor ορθότητ α: λ αι με oλα αυτa που γiνονται»

    “Church and state are not against gay marriage. It's against their happiness”

    Tony Dimitriou granted an interview ef’ all material to the journalist Kyriakos Theodosiou for the needs of Alpha's show “It couldn't be better”. Among other things, the beloved Cypriot actor expressed his opinion on political correctness but also on the bill for same-sex couples and childbearing.

    “We are finally living in the era of political correctness or is of political hypocrisy – correctness? Because many people say things they don't believe just to avoid being targeted”, Tony Dimitriou initially said and then added:

    «I'm a flirt, I clearly like it and that's why I'm scared now with all that's happening. So now by looking and smiling at a girl, she can turn around and say “why are you looking at me?”. This is what I thought when I met Stefania, but maybe also the first messages we exchanged on Instagram that it was a bit of a dichotomy, as we still have differences over political correctness. I can use words that she doesn't like and she will tell me, but I believe that there are no bad words but bad people”.

    “Are you in favor of marriage equality and procreation by same-sex couples?” the journalist also asked.

    “I am in favor of happiness. The church and the state are not against gay marriage. It is against their happiness”, replied Tony Dimitriou.

    Ξεσπ&Kappa ;yπριος ηθοποιoς για την πολιτι&kappa ;or ορθoτητα: «Μου αρΕσει το φλερτ &alpha λλα φοβαμαι με ;ι»


    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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