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Cypriot citizens the two children – Decisions of the Minister

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Cypriot citizens the two children - Decisions of the Minister


The exceptional granting of the exceptional concession of the status of Cypriot citizen to Christos and Theklia-Jasmina Ozturk was finally approved by the Council of Ministers.

It is recalled that the Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris , made a specific suggestion regarding the granting of Cypriot citizenship to the two children from Liopetri, with a Greek Cypriot mother and a Turkish Cypriot mother and a Turkish father.

All the decisions of the Minister

According to the Deputy Government Spokesperson, Niovi Parisinou, during today's meeting, it was decided to temporarily allocate space at the International State Fair for the creation of a modern Public Passenger Transport Station .

The Council of Ministers exceptionally approved the separation of 20 plots through the Housing Plan for the Allocation of Low-Income Families in the community of Alassa. The concession is made in the context of compensatory benefits to the community.

It also approved the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Commissioner for Legislation and the Pancyprian Bar Association . The purpose of this Memorandum is to establish cooperation between the two bodies on issues related to legislative reforms, modernization, simplification, completion, consolidation, codification and revision of the Cypriot legal framework, as well as the promotion and / or implementation of proposals of the Commissioner for Legislation.

The Council of Ministers approved a proposal of the Ministry of Interior which amends the Law concerning the Leisure Centers . The aim of the modification is the more effective control of the sound emission limits from the recreation areas. The scope of the Law is expanded to the recreation areas located inside hotels and tourist accommodation. Stricter penalties are introduced for transmitting audio above the permitted limits.

The Council of Ministers, taking into account that the four-month period for submitting applications for the regulation of overdue social contributions has passed, decided to extend the possibility of submitting relevant applications until February 26, 2022.

In addition, it approved the extension of the “License” for another ten years to the Community Council of Anafotia of the former school building of the community for its use as a Community Clinic.

Important is the decision of the Council of Ministers to grant sponsorship to the Municipality of Limassol , amounting to € 80,000 to cover the costs of purchasing services to prevent and combat marine pollution on the coastal front of Limassol.

The Council of Ministers decided on the following appointments:

Mr. Neophytos Papadopoulos, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, as Chairman of the Board of the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (AXIK) to replace Mr. Kypros Kyprianos, and Mr. Eugenios Savvas, Deputy Director of the Hotel (PASYDIXE), as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus (AXIK), replacing Mr. Christos Angelidis, for the remainder of the term of the Council, ie until 12/5/22. Dr. Olga Kalakouta, First Health Officer, Ministry of Health, as a member of the Implementation Council of the National Strategy for Combating Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Child Pornography, replacing Myrtos Azina Chronides Council, which expires on 6/3/2024. Ms. Nikoleta Dorzi, in the position of member of the Council of Food Scientists, Food Technologists and Dietitians, replacing Dr. Christiana Haridimou Filippou, for the rest of the term of the Council, ie until 2/5/2023. For the Board of Directors of the School of the Blind “Agios Barnabas”. Mrs. Irini Hatzilouka Mavri is appointed President, and Christakis Nikolaidis, Georgios Prodromou, Stavros Leonidou, Christos Xiourouppas, Giannos Karapatatakis, Vassos Steliou, Christos Augustinou, Anastasis Kola, Charalis Mourabas, Micharalis Mouroulas, Mouralis Mouroulas

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