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Cypriot: Sparingly, closed papers and closed doors

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ΚυπριακΜεφε and iota; πoρτες

positions on the part of a government representative are done sparingly. This tactic is currently being chosen by the President of the Republic and his collaborators in the Cyprus conflict. Neither does Ersin Tatar's public statements, but not the pressure of the opposition, seem able so far to change the government's tactics.

On the Hill they insist that there were some proposals from the General Secretary which both the President of the Republic and the government representative do not want to reveal. And this despite the pressures of the parties to be informed both about the Guterres proposals and more broadly about the situation as it is taking shape in the Cyprus issue. we work not through public statements, we work with the United Nations so that there are prospects for mobility in the Cyprus issue”. He appeared and was informed of what was revealed in the discussion between the Secretary General of the United Nations and the leader of the Turkish Cypriots. He also insisted yesterday that there are proposals and he is aware of them but does not consider it appropriate to make them public: “They were specific proposals, a specific discussion. But I don't think it's appropriate to make anything public. We focus on the bottom line”.

Within the specific framework of positions, the government representative, Konstantinos Letympiotis, also moved: “We are positive about the proposals of the General Secretary, we remain positive, and we will continue to cooperate very intensively with the UN and with the personal envoy of the General Secretary”. When asked if the proposal of the Secretary General is about the substance or the procedure, the government representative replied: “Many times the procedure is connected to the substance and the substance is connected to the procedure.” And wanting to stop the discussion he said that “at this point we do not consider it beneficial to continue this discussion”.

The political parties, however, continue to put pressure on President Christodoulidis in order to convene a session of the National Council so that the political leadership can be informed about the developments in the Cyprus conflict. AKEL in its statement, placing itself in the statement of the PtD that it accepted proposals from the UN Secretary General, demanded the convocation of the National Council so that “the President informs, as he should, the political forces about the content of the proposals”. AKEL indicates that “if Mr. Christodoulidis really believes that the effort to reach a solution must be collective, then he cannot ignore the political forces in this provocative way”.

K. Letympiotis reminded that “the National Council has been convened five times so far”. In order to add that “the President will convene a Council of Ministers when the facts are different compared to the last National Council”.

In his statements, the government representative denied that there is a six-month time frame for Maria Angela Holguin Quellar. He indicated that there is nothing similar in the terms of office of Mrs. Holgin, that is, her appointment is for a period of six months”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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