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Cypriot student of TEPAK in the Forbes list of the 30 renowned young people for 2022

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Cypriot student of TEPAK in the Forbes list of the 30 renowned young people for 2022

In the Greek list of Forbes magazine for 2022, with the 30 renowned young people under 30 who have managed to excel in areas such as science, sports and entrepreneurship, managed to include the PhD student of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Technology Of Cyprus (TEPAK), Eleni Keliri-Loizidou.

Eleni Keliri-Loizidou holds a degree in Chemistry, majoring in Food and Environmental Chemistry from the University of Cyprus, from where she graduated with a secondary degree in Entrepreneurship. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she received a scholarship from the Danish University of Technology to conduct research on “Development of an innovative method for the quantification of free chlorine, using natural ingredients and optical media”.

He then continued his doctoral studies at the Cyprus University of Technology (50% scholarship), where at this stage he is a PhD Candidate of the Department of Chemical Engineering and a member of the research laboratory “Water Treatment Laboratory – AQUA” headed by Dr. Maria G. Antoniou. The subject of her doctoral dissertation is the treatment of surface water with innovative non-invasive ecosystem chemical oxidation methods, to remove harmful bacteria (cyanobacteria) and their toxins (cyanotoxins) from the water. The innovative research has been supported by the Cyprus Seeds Organization, with the aim of developing academic research and its subsequent commercialization.

Speaking on the TEPAK community radio (CUT Radio 95.2fm), Eleni expressed her joy but also her pleasant surprise for her inclusion in this list, noting that it was something she did not expect. As she said, her name had been proposed for inclusion in the list by the MIT Enterprise Forum (Greece), after her participation in a competition of the Organization as a co-inventor of a by-product resulting from her research activity. It is, he added, the “POXi kit” which reached the semifinals of the competition. The patent for this kit, he continued, has been applied for a patent (USPTO, 2020) while funding of 20,000 euros has been secured to extend the copyright coverage within the next year, thanking Cyprus Seeds for the practical support and funding of its research.

Eleni has received 1st prize in the competition “Student Innovators Competition – 2018”, scholarship for participation in the European Innovation Academy (Portugal, 2018), award for presentation of innovative research at the international conference “International Conference on Harmful Algae” (Mexico, 2021) and the “Prince Sultan Water Specialist Grants” award for participation and presentation at the “International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology” (Greece, 2021).

During her doctoral studies she has been employed in European and local research projects related to the monitoring, treatment and sanitation of surface waters, the results of which have been published in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Its goal is the further development of innovative technology to ensure clean, non-toxic water and accessible worldwide.

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