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Cypriots run to the Police for e-frauds

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Cypriots run to the Police for e-frauds

The Cypriots rush … immediately to the Police when they consider that they have fallen victim to fraud in the context of banking transactions. Prolifics Testing analyzed the latest data of the European Commission and concluded that Cyprus is in the third place of the countries with citizens who resort to the Police to report fraud in connection with internet banking, as 78% of Cypriots are seen from the data. that they seek the assistance of the police authorities. In first place are the Swedes (82%) and in second place (79%) the Greeks and Spaniards.

For cyber security, Prolifics Testing analyzed the latest data from the European Commission, which surveyed 27,607 Europeans to find out which European country citizens are most likely to contact the police if they find themselves in an awkward position to find out that they have been robbed online. .

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Lithuania (76%), Finland (75%) and Germany (74%) are among the countries where more than 70% of citizens would alert the police if they thought they had been the victim of cyber-fraud, in the fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively. On the other hand, Slovaks are less likely to contact the Police, as only 48% of citizens would do so. The Latvians are second to last, with a percentage of 52% and a little higher the English, with 53%.

Cyber security research has another interesting element regarding electronic identity theft. Prolifics Testing found that Swedes (92%) are more likely to contact the police if they fall victim to cyber identity theft. Cyprus in this category is in the same position as Greece and France, with 77%.


Source: www.philenews.com

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