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Cyprus as a negative stereotype

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Cyprus as a negative stereotype

In the period of absolute domination of the image, our country is facing serious problems with its own. Yes, economic diplomacy is part of dealing with the situation, but the reality is that things are difficult. At the moment, the name of Cyprus is synonymous with negative stereotypes worldwide. Just think of the “resins” that other states have to realize the dire situation we have reached with the revelations of various “papers”, and more. Right or wrong, it's not up to date. What matters is to see how this very sad reality that threatens the country's position on the international stage, the prosperity of society, but also the prospects of the business world is being managed.

The presence of the political leadership in economic forums has always been helpful in “selling” the country its “bargain”. It showed the commitment of leadership in the business world and the promises, commitments and assurances it shared, worked reassuringly for aspiring investors. That is, foreign businessmen who identified the pathogenesis of the country, but also saw a political leadership present, ready to listen and discuss the problems constructively. Somehow we persuaded many to put money in the country and many of them have lost it forever. Now, however, with the credibility of the political world at a standstill and with bad precedents, we will find it very difficult to sell our history abroad.

In fact, the regular references to names in global corruption scandals, but also the magnitude of the diversion that we saw from some through the well-known reports with passports, are of great concern to the business world. Many consider the presence of politicians in economic forums to be harmful. Were it not for the precedent of their presence, the etiquette, but also the fear of a vengeful attitude from the political leadership, many simply would not have called them. People tremble at the idea that the presence of politicians alone reminds investors of the pathogenesis of a system that has been irreparably exposed and highlights to everyone the negative stereotypes that accompany the country more and more strongly. In other words, at the moment it is a problem for their work to be related to the political world. This is sad though.

Economic diplomacy is part of the answer to the problem of image. The approval of the budget by the Council of Ministers last Friday will unfold the country's potential to improve its image. The appointment of Giannis Matsis to the presidency of CIPA adds value to this effort. The performances he has from abroad, the experience he gained when setting up his own businesses and the performances he acquired as a managing director of Hellenic Bank, are important supplies in his increasingly difficult work. It is good for the state to add additional funds to CIPA, and to understand that some of them will be “wasted” in damage control. In other words, the gathering of “resinia” that will accompany the Cyprus brand in the near future and that will drive away serious foreign investors.

As for the political world, guilty or innocent, it is good for everyone to choose their appearances very carefully and to show understanding if they do not receive invitations in the near future. Everyone will have to make a huge effort to limit the damage and reassure foreign investors about what they are blaming us for. The most important thing, however, is to move forward with reforms and changes. Now, only by our actions can we prove that we have good intentions.

Source: politis.com.cy

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