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Cyprus doctors announce strike, nurses warn of mobilisations

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Cyprus doctors announce strike, nurses warn of mobilisations

Cyprus Doctors Announce Strike, Nurses Warn Of Mobilisations

    Public sector doctors have announced a 24-hour strike, and nurses are warning of potential mobilizations due to disagreements with the State Health Services Organization (SHSO) over financial incentives and staffing issues.

    The trade unions of public sector doctors are at odds with SHSO regarding the financial incentives provided in addition to their salaries for services under GHS. This has led to the announcement of a strike scheduled for June 20.

    Nurses are also protesting, citing understaffing in clinics and departments. They claim that SHSO has not implemented agreements made ten days ago when a planned protest was cancelled.

    The phenomenon of summer strikes has once again affected hospitals. Almost every year around late May or early June, disagreements and work stoppages disrupt hospital operations.

    In the past four years, doctors and nurses have frequently resorted to mobilizations during this period:

    • June 2020: Public hospitals faced turmoil due to intense disagreements over financial incentives for doctors under GHS. Nurses also went on strike, demanding increased staffing.
    • June 2021:Doctors and SHSO clashed over afternoon hospital operations, particularly compensation. Nurses protested following an investigation involving mental health nurses at Athalassa Hospital.
    • May 2023: Doctors protested against SHSO’s failure to establish insurance coverage, while nurses protested over staffing issues .

    24-Hour Strike on June 20

    Negotiations between trade unions and OKYPY over financial incentives for GESY services have led to intense disagreements. PASIKI and PASYDY trade unions have announced a 24-hour strike for 20 June, warning of further measures in early July if no new proposal is made.

    In their statement, PASYDY and PASIKI criticized SHSO’s “disrespectful and offensive attitude” towards employees. They reported a deadlock in recent consultations with OKYPY's management, blaming the employer's side.

    As a result, PASIKI and PASYDY have decided to proceed with a 24-hour warning strike on 20 June, involving all public hospital doctors, with further actions planned for 2 and 3 July.

    Nurses Warn of Potential Mobilisations

    Nurses’ trade unions are also expressing dissatisfaction with SHSO. Although a planned protest was canceled two weeks ago, negotiations have not been fruitful. The unions are now warning of new measures.

    Savvas Iacovou, General Secretary of PASYN, stated that discussions with SHSO had not provided satisfactory solutions to understaffing issues. Prodromos Argyrides, President of the Nursing Branch of PASYDY, noted that while positions for healthcare attendants have been announced, no significant steps have been taken to recruit or optimize staff.

    “The departments are understaffed, and with the upcoming holiday period, staff cannot take their leave without creating problems in patient care,” Argyrides said, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

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