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Cyprus encirclement moves – Turkish actions in the EEZ

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Cyprus encirclement moves - Turkish actions in the EEZ

Occupying Turkey is making moves to encircle Cyprus, in an effort to promote its expansionist plans, primarily at sea. The actions are based on the narrative of the “Blue Homeland” and cover the areas north, south and west of Cyprus, putting the island under siege and constant pressure.

Turkish designs, despite any reactions from third parties, which are low-key, are not affected and move in two areas. On land and sea. Attention is focused on the Cypriot EEZ and the enclosed area of occupied Famagusta. The information states that the Turks do not seem to be stumbling in front of anyone and will proceed with their tactics step by step for the settlement of Famagusta. The limited work that is being done at the moment and concerns 3.5% of the enclosed area, is part of the puzzle and the continuation will be announced after the opening of this area as well.

As far as the EEZ is concerned, the investigations in the south of Cyprus will be carried out in parallel with those -at least- of Exxon Mobil while it is not clear how they will react when -in the beginning of 2022- the ENI-TOTAL consortium will proceed with drilling in the offshore plot 6. The Oruc Reis was sent north of Cyprus to the area “defined by the Continental Shelf Agreement we signed with the TRNC in 2011 and whose borders were notified to the UN on March 18, 2020”, the Turkish Ministry of Defense states. . Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Seismic Research Fatih, Kanuni Drilling and Denar-2 are exploring the Black Sea. The Turkish Petroleum Corporation and drilling fleet are therefore on full alert, although there will be other moves.

It is obvious that Ankara is not going to enter into discussions, which will affect the implementation of its strategic plans. Plans, which are timeless, concern the state and not only the current government, but the period we are going through, may also be related to the maintenance of the current regime in power.

In the diplomatic field, the gap of process and initiatives in the Cyprus issue, leaves room for the British to move alone. Especially when the processes at the United Nations Secretariat seem to have been frozen. The envoy of the British Foreign Secretary, in charge of the Cyprus issue, Ajay Sharma, who paid a new visit to Cyprus, passed for the first time the threshold of the presidential office together with the ambassador here, Steven Lilli. He made a number of other contacts, both sides of the Attila line, and met with political leaders. The British narrative is that there is an urgent need to make moves to resume talks on the Cyprus issue, promoting the view that “the game will end” if more steps are taken in Famagusta. According to the information, London describes the situation in Turkey that the regime is about to collapse and this makes – as they claim – Erdogan very dangerous. Using the “bubble” of a hot episode, as a result of the pressure that Erdogan is under (economy, polls), their next report is that Nicosia should show flexibility and take into account the concerns of the Turkish Cypriot side. Who are they; Those projected by the occupation leader, Ersin Tatar, who is considered to represent the majority that has elected him! It is clear from the contacts in Nicosia that London considers that the major thing is to start the process and that through the negotiations the discussions can be led to the desired one. More or less, it is noted that after the demands of occupied Turkey, for sovereign equality and equal international status, are satisfied to some extent, through an evolutionary course, the talks will end in a federation. At the same time, utilizing what is mentioned by Nicosia in a decentralized federation, they indirectly refer to two internal sovereignty and one external one, which will concern the representation of the country.

At the same time, although they know the fate of their proposal, they still maintain the formula according to which the possibility of an exchange of letters from Anastasiadis and Tatar should be considered, in which their intentions should be recorded in order to motivate one side. to the other to return to negotiations. In the case of the Greek Cypriot side, it will be possible to explain, as suggested, the “innate rights” of the Turkish Cypriots, which will refer to the issues of the sovereignty of the “co-founders” of the Republic of Cyprus. The idea of letters was rejected by both sides.

However, the information states that in the international arena, the initiatives and ideas of the Foreign Office do not seem to be “walking”. Even the Germans, who have always believed that London has the patent of the Cyprus problem, do not seem to be in the mood to listen to their imaginative ideas.

It is noted in this regard that tomorrow, Monday, the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, will be in London for talks, and the Cyprus issue will also be on the agenda.


The imposition on the ground of accomplices includes the recent decision for the concession of an area in Karpasia by EVKAF to the so-called security forces of the pseudo-state. This is a move related to the control of the sea area, which will be undertaken by the “forces” of the Turkish Cypriots instead of the occupying army. As has already been pointed out, this is a game, connected with the narrative of the two states. Turkey has given the pseudo-state vessels control of the area, according to the standards of the port police.

The SA was informed. for projects in Famagusta

The United Nations Security Council has been informed in writing by the Republic of Cyprus about the new illegal projects of the occupying force in the enclosed area of Famagusta. The Permanent Representative of Cyprus at the UN headquarters in New York, Ambassador Andreas Hadjichrysanthou, sent a letter to the members of the Security Council informing him about the beginning of the occupation regime in that area of the enclave, which covers 3.5 % of its total. The information is part of what was decided by the SA, that is, that it will be kept informed about what is happening in the enclosed area of the occupied city. And this is what Nicosia is doing with the letter of its ambassador to New York.

But why was this area chosen by the Turks? It is noted in this regard that there is a “decision” of the “Famagusta District Court” that 95% of the enclosed area belongs to EVKAF. A decision that has nothing to do with the facts. But that is another story. At 3.5%, as mentioned, no assets of EVKAF are identified and for obvious reasons priority was given. To mislead the refugees and bring them before the so-called compensation committee.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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