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Cyprus-Greece champions in the EU for consumption of antibiotics

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Κyπρος-Ελ&delta ;α πρωταθλorτριες στην ΕΕ για κα&tau ;αναλωση αντιβιοτικoν

Cyprus and Greece in the highest EU position for consumption of antibiotics and with higher rates of antimicrobial resistance – Warnings for a return to the “pre-antibiotic era”

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Cyprus and Greece, according to recent data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, have the highest place in the consumption of antibioticsin the community, while they are among the countries of the European Union with the highest rates of antimicrobial resistance and the burden of infections from multi-resistant pathogens, the Cyprus Clinical Society says in a statement Microbiology and Infections (KEKMIL).

On the occasion of the Global Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Week (November 18-24 2022), KECMILstates that unfortunately in our country, despite the efforts of both the Public Health Services and all infectious disease specialists, clinical microbiologists and pharmacists, the problem of microbial resistance to antibiotics is still a “sad phenomenon”.

As mentioned, antimicrobial resistance is defined as the ability of microorganisms to resist the action of one or more antibiotics of their spectrum. The most important factor for this phenomenon of natural selection and evolution of microbes is the misuse of antibiotics.

Antibiotics, it is noted, are one of the greatest achievements in the history of medicine and humanity, since the discovery of penicillin. , of the first antibiotic in 1928, have saved and continue to save millions of human lives every day from infections caused by germs, turning diseases that were previously considered fatal into routine illnesses that require little more than a short treatment .

Source: cyprustimes.com

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