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The cost of the Christmas table for this year will be close to last year's levels with some differences, the President of the Cyprus Consumers Association Marios Drousiotis told KYPE, expressing satisfaction because as he noted, the prices did not diverged upwards as expected.

“Generally we are pleased because we expected higher costs this year at the Christmas table,” he noted.

As he pointed out, the Cyprus Consumers Association conducted market research and took prices from supermarkets on December 8, December 15 and 20 December.

The points of sale from which the prices were obtained were the four largest hypermarkets in Nicosia and three smaller hypermarkets. It is noted that the survey covered only Nicosia and included a total of 35 types of food and drinks. The food list is the same as used for previous years. Applies to food and beverages such as bread, gingerbread, Christmas cake, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, tomatoes, gherkins, onions, potatoes, beers, wine, soft drinks, etc.

The purpose of the research, said Mr. Drousiotis, was to establish the cost of a Christmas table for 2023 and not for comparison purposes between the various points of sale. In addition, the survey began early to determine whether prices vary as Christmas Day approaches and whether any product deals that were in place at the start of the survey would still be available through Christmas, he said.

The research processed the data in order to calculate the cost of the Christmas table for both 4 people and 6 people for the categories “rich table”, “economical table” and “table for weaker economic incomes”.

The cost of the Christmas table also took into account the necessary quantities of each item that a family of four and a family of six usually needs. An additional cost of 5% to the total cost is added for the various supplementary items needed at the table, such as, water, lemons, salt, oil, vinegar, napkins, electricity and LPG.

As Mr. Drousiotis said, the decrease in the price of lamb meat is due to price competition between supermarkets. Vegetables, cucumbers, potatoes and Cypriot apples had significant price reductions. Increases were observed in tomatoes and clementines. There were offers on beers and soft drinks until December 20.

Key facts and conclusions of the research

As stated in an announcement by the Cyprus Consumers' Association, the total cost of a “rich” table includes 35 items. For a family of four in Nicosia the cost is estimated at 187 euros and for a family of six 271 euros.

The total cost of an “economical” table includes 19 of the 35 items. For a four-member family in Nicosia it is estimated at 102 euros and for a six-member family 132 euros.

The total cost of a table for the weaker economic incomes includes 11 of the 35 items. For a family of four in Nicosia it is estimated at 25 euros and for a family of six 38 euros.

As Mr. Drousiotis told KYPE, compared to last year's prices the “rich” table is 21 euros more expensive, the “economic” by 6 euros more expensive and for low incomes the prices are the same as last year.

According to the results, fluctuations were observed in the number of products surveyed from December 8 to 20 December when the survey lasted.

Number of items included in the survey were offered at promotional prices. The majority of offers were maintained throughout the research.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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