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Cyprus Institute: Postgraduate School of the Research Institute

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Center of Excellence, which deals on issues of regional interest, of global importance, with emphasis on interdisciplinary research and international collaborations

The Cyprus Institute (IKY) is an international, non-profit, research organization with a strong scientific and technological orientation. It is a Center of Excellence, which deals with issues of regional interest, of global importance, with emphasis on interdisciplinary research and international collaborations.

Starting its activities in 2007, the Cyprus Institute has to present a continuous and impressive growth, but also significant successes in terms of securing competitive research funding and attracting internationally renowned scientists. Today, the Institute has state-of-the-art infrastructure and human resources of over 280 people, and has received total funding of over € 75 million from national and international research projects, including top European Union programs.

The Cyprus Institute houses four specialized, multidisciplinary research centers, which were developed in collaboration with leading international organizations in the respective thematic areas:

• Energy, Environment and Water Resources Research Center (EEWRC)

• Science and Technology Research Center in Archeology and Culture (STARC)

• Computer Science and Technology Research Center (CASTORC)

• Climate and Atmosphere Research Center (CARE -C)

The School of Postgraduate Studies

The School of Postgraduate Studies is the educational arm of the Cyprus Institute, as an accredited institution of higher education, which awards recognized Master's and Doctoral degrees. Founded in 2010, the School focuses on the postgraduate level of studies. It retains a small number of high-level students, who are fully integrated into the Institute's research activities. This offers students the opportunity to gain practical education and training with the most modern methods and techniques, access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and the ability to conduct cutting-edge research in collaboration with internationally recognized research teams. The School of Graduate Studies provides an educational environment where excellence in education, innovation and research is enhanced through interdisciplinary collaborations, and aims to train future leaders in academia and research.

Graduates of the Cyprus Institute hold positions in academic institutions, in industry and in the field of research, both in Cyprus and abroad. The language of instruction and communication is English.

Strategic partnerships with universities and research centers

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

< p> • University of Illinois at Urbana – Champagne

• French Museum Search and Restoration Center (C2RMF)

• Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

• Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission

• University of Helsinki

Financial Assistance Opportunities

• Scholarships (up to 100% of total tuition)

• Research Assistanceships in our Research Programs

• Work Study Schemes

Training Opportunities

• Internships

• Training Programs

• Erasmus + Program

• Winter/Summer Schools

• Special Seminars and Workshops

• Transferable Skills Courses

< p> How we deal with the challenges of the pandemic

The landscape formed by the pandemic creates challenges for higher education, which the Cyprus Institute successfully addresses. With flexibility and creativity we make, where necessary, the transition from conventional education, to the implementation of alternative and innovative forms of learning always within the guidelines of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Certification of Higher Education (DIPAE).

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