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Cyprus is among the EU countries with the most radio stations in proportion to population

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    Reduction of radio workers in Cyprus, increase in turnover – Data published by Eurostat

    Approx30 thousand workers were employed in radio in 2022 across the European Union, with radio broadcasting businesses registering a net turnover of 4 billion euros, while in Cyprus the number of workers decreased, but the turnover increased, while the country remained one of the countries with the most radios in proportion to the population, according to data released by Eurostat, the EU statistical agency, on the occasion of the World UNESCO Radio Day (February 13).

    Specifically with regard to Cyprus, in 2022, according to preliminary data, 178 people were working in radio, recording a decrease from 197 in 2021. During the same period, companies active in radio media increased from 31 to 32, while the net turnover of of businesses in question increased from €8.74 million to €9.14 million.

    At EU level, figures for 2021 showed around 5000 businesses in this sector.

    The top five countries in radio broadcasting operations in 2022 were Spain (714), Italy (679), Greece (599), France (343) and Portugal (299).

    The five the last countries in the same ranking were Luxembourg (5), Estonia (9), Slovakia (14), Malta (19) and Lithuania (20).

    However, taking into account the population of each country, Slovenia was in 2022 the country with the most radio businesses per one million inhabitants (75 per million inhabitants). This was followed by Greece (57), Malta (36), Cyprus and Croatia (35).

    The lowest proportions were recorded in Poland (2 per million inhabitants), Germany and Slovakia (3 in each country), the Czech Republic (4) and Austria, France and Sweden (5 each).

    The top five countries in absolute numbers of people employed in the radio sector in 2022 were Spain (5,550), Germany (5,010), France (2,815), Romania (2,510) and Italy (2,469).

    The five countries with the fewest radio workers were Slovakia (53), Lithuania (87), the Czech Republic (100), Estonia (110) and Sweden (163).

    The percentage of people employed in the radio sector in relation to the total employment was low in all EU members in 2022. The highest rates recorded were 0.05% in Croatia and 0.04% in Slovenia, Cyprus and Greece, while the lowest were recorded in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (0.002% ) and Sweden (0.003%).

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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