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Cyprus is proud of its Modern Training Center for Search & Rescue

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With the creation of the modern Training Center, the goal set by the KSED and the co-competent Ministries of Defense and Transport, to create an international search and rescue training center (S&R), is achieved, said the KSED Commander Vice Captain Andreas Charalambidis during today's opening ceremony of the center, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis.

In his greeting at the ceremony, Mr. Charalambidis said that the center equipped with innovative equipment and specialized simulation systems, implementing the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, to cover the training gap in E-D issues in the European area and at the same time fully covering the increased training needs of personnel involved in E-D operations, due to continuous migration flows.

He noted that for this purpose, in 2016, the KSED took the initiative, with firm and targeted steps, to create the appropriate conditions and infrastructure, while making Cyprus a hub for the provision of services and training for E-D, both in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Europe in general.

Mr. Charalambidis also pointed out that after the corona virus pandemic, efforts to realize the goal continued and on November 4, 2021, the Council of Ministers approved the implementation of the project for "Creation of an Educational Research Center– Rescue» with construction work to begin in July 2022 and be completed within 5 months.

As he mentioned, the financing of the project was covered by European credits and specifically by the Internal Security Fund, which is managed by the European Funds Unit of the Ministry of the Interior, which he thanked “for the continuous support to our project and the very important role it has played, in upgrade of the entire E-D System, with facilities, modern means of rescue, but also specialized equipment contributing significantly to the continuous effort to deal with the numerous E-D incidents that arise due to migratory flows.

"The projects these would not be implemented if we did not receive the absolute trust and determination of the Ministers of Defense and Transport, and of course the Directors General of their Ministries (current and former), to whom we express our deep gratitude”, said Mr. Charalambidis.

Concluding, he assured that "the Republic of Cyprus can be proud of the Modern Training Center for Rescue Research which from today is made available to the international community, a Center that will be a very important tool in our country's effort to become a pillar security and stability in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean”.

The ceremony, in addition to President Anastasiades, was attended by the Ministers of Defense and Transport, the Deputy Minister of Shipping, the Chief of the National Guard, the Ambassador of Greece to Cyprus, the Mayor of Larnaca and Ambassadors and military attachés of other countries. During the event, visual material was shown about the work of KSED  and how it conducts various search and rescue operations. Reference was also made to the agreements signed by KSED with other countries. Afterwards, the President of the Republic was given a tour of the Center's facilities.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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