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Cyprus is talking about an increase in illegal immigrants in the occupied territories

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in the pseudo-state, who had transit visas from 75 different countries.

According to the GTP, the publication states that during the period January 1, 2020 – February 20, 2024, a total of 2,456 people from 77 different countries lived in the pseudo-state without a “residence permit.” The nationalities of these individuals are as follows: 908 Nigerian nationals, 470 Turkish nationals, 150 Congolese nationals, 134 Pakistani nationals, 94 Cameroonian nationals, 92 Zimbabwean nationals, 52 Syrian nationals, 40 Turkmenistan nationals nationals of Liberia.

The newspaper comments that the number of people detected without a “residence permit” between 01.01.2024 and 20.02.2024 reveal how serious the situation is. Of the 252 people identified: 116 are from Nigeria, 25 from Congo, 22 from Turkey, 13 from Pakistan, 9 from Cameroon, 6 from Bangladesh, 6 from Liberia, 2 from Turkmenistan and 2 from Zimbabwe.

Speaking on the matter, Denise Altyok, coordinator of programs to combat human trafficking and refugee rights, said that the increase in the number of people detected without a “residence permit” during this period does not really indicate that the number has decreased or increased, but that the “police” has done more work in this direction, increasing controls.

Ms. Altiok referred to the lack of control as to whether they are victims of human trafficking, the “deportation without interrogations”, in order to identify organized trafficking rings and in the absence of a system for applying for asylum, which potentially puts immigrants or refugees at risk. He also argued that this unfair immigration system should be abandoned, which allows everyone to come to the “northern part” of the island, but there is no control in any way.

Also, the newspaper publishes statements of the “minister of the interior”, Dursun Oguz, who stated in a television program of Güneş TV that in the last 3 months they denied entry to the pseudo-state to 1,462 people who had transit visas from 75 different countries, while in the last 5 months they “deported” 827 people.

Source: politis.com.cy

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