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Cyprus opposes the suspension of turtle hunting

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Cyprus opposes the suspension of turtle hunting

The Republic of Cyprus expresses its disagreement with the possible suspension of the hunting of the turtledove, at a time when a great debate is being held in the competent bodies of the European Union on this issue.

According to today's announcement of the Thera Service, broadcast by the GTP, the EU Environment Committee discussed the issue in an extraordinary session on April 26, while the Republic of Cyprus, in a letter dated April 24, 2018, communicated its views and explained, in detail, the reasons why he disagrees with the suspension of turtle hunting.

It is added that further discussion of the whole issue and possible decision-making will take place at the regular meeting of the Special Committee, dealing with issues related to the Wild Birds and Habitats Directives, scheduled for 22 and 23 May and which the Thera Service will re-express the views of the Republic.

The Republic of Cyprus does not agree with the possible suspension of the turtle hunting, as this will significantly reduce the interest of state services, hunting organizations and other non-governmental organizations, for recovery of the species, it is reported.

It is added that the possible suspension or prohibition of the hunting of the turtle will make it very difficult for the species to be returned as prey in the future.

Moreover, it is reported that in Cyprus, both the Game and Fauna Service and the Hunting Associations take measures to manage and preserve the species by installing and supplying artificial watering cans, cleaning natural water sources and sowing thousands of tens of cereals and legumes in the semi-mountains and mountainous.

Nicosia also disagrees with the suspension, as in Cyprus a very large part of the habitats are no-hunting areas. In addition, the hunting of turtledoves is allowed only in limited hunting areas, while the penalty provided by law for killing, capturing, harassing or stalking any kind of wildlife during the breeding season, starts from € 8,000.

It is noted that the hunting of the turtle is allowed only in ten EU countries, namely in Cyprus, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.


Source: politis.com.cy

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