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Cyprus – They identified 22 undeclared wage workers

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290 premises were inspected by the Inspection Department

Κύπρος - Εντόπισαν 22 αδorλωτους μισθωτος εργαζομΕνους

Finally, it is reminded that anonymous/named complaints/information regarding undeclared work or violation of employment conditions are accepted on the Cyprus national telephone line 77778577.

The detection of 22 undeclared wage workers and one undeclared employer was announced on Friday by the Inspection Service, as part of a campaign of checks in industries and industrial areas that took place in January 2023.

According to the service, during this period checks were carried out on 290 properties, where 259 employers and 31 self-employed workers were identified, while the total number of employees identified was 791 (567 men and 224 women), of which 566 were Greek Cypriots, the 92 citizens of the European Union, 127 foreigners from third countries and 6 Turkish Cypriots.

It is added that 22 undeclared salaried workers and one undeclared employer were identified, while 15 Violation Notifications and 15 Fines of €42,500 were issued.

As stated, the purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of all those employed in the said economic activities in terms of the consequences of undeclared work and non-compliance with the provisions of the relevant Legislation.

It is also noted that, according to the provisions of the relevant Legislation, in case of detection of an undeclared person in the Social Insurance Fund, an administrative fine of €500 multiplied by 7 months is issued, unless it is proven by the employer that the period of violation was shorter, while in case it is proven that the period violation was greater, the fine is multiplied by the actual months.

Finally, it is recalled that in the on telephone line 77778577, anonymous/named complaints/information regarding undeclared work or violation of terms of employment are accepted.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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