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CYTA: Efforts to shield against competition

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What the DG of the Ministry of Finance reported at the SIDIKEK PEO-Cyta conference

CYTA: Προσπαθειες για θωρακι&sigma ;η Εναντι του ανταγωνισμοy

< p>The rapid changes taking place in telecommunications internationally are forcing the shaping of CYTA's development and operating model, which is why everyone's efforts need to be focused on shielding CYTA against competition and new challenges as well as creating an outward-looking dynamic that leverages partnerships and creates prospects for the future, said the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Giorgos Pantelis, in his greeting at the Regular Pan-Cypriot Conference of SIDIKEK PEO-Cyta, which took place today, at the ETKA PEO building, in Nicosia.

Mr. Pantelis also referred to the national Recovery and Resilience Plan with a key policy axis, as he said, ensuring the digital transformation of Cyprus, without exclusions and through adequate access to communication infrastructure for all citizens.

“The axis is a fundamental part of the overall policy for the digital transformation of Cyprus, promoting a new economic model with a vision for a dynamic and competitive economy, based on knowledge and digital and emerging technologies. The digital transition is inevitable and CYTA as a digital service provider has a role and contributes significantly in this direction”, he added.

He said, at the same time, that continuous modernization is a necessity for CYTA to become even stronger, more flexible and more competitive, so that it continues to shape developments in the telecommunications sector and to remain consumers' first choice of reliability.

“The agreements for the modernization of CYTA, reached last January, following a social dialogue with the trade unions, we believe are in the right direction, since they aim at significant changes in management systems and practices, corporate governance as well as evolution work issues. The purpose is to strengthen the efficiency of the organization as well as to adapt the corporate culture to the demanding data of the modern era”, he added.

In this context, continued Mr. Pantelis, the adequacy of the organization is decisively strengthened and its sustainability is established, factors that are particularly important in the constantly changing environment at dizzying speed.

“Besides, the very history of the Organization, which is inextricably linked to the history of the place, dictates it. However, it is also required by the need for the development of our country, its economy and society. An evolution with a key component of a modern, powerful and innovative CYTA,” he noted.

At the same time, he expressed his appreciation for the long-standing activity and offer of SIDIKEK PEO CYTA.

The General Secretary of PEO, Sotiroula Charalambous, in her own greeting said that PEO and its unions operating in the public and semi-public sector will continue to work to protect the ownership status of semi-public organizations for changes and operational modernization for the benefit of citizens and the workers in the organizations.

As he said, “in the last months we fought a difficult battle with the aim of fully restoring ATA”.

“At the same time, we demanded that the discussion be started so that ATA as a mechanism to replace what workers lose from inflation covers all workers. With the agreement we reached last Friday, we did not reach the final goal, but we succeeded in increasing ATA's rate of return, setting a specific time of 2 years to reach a complete and permanent agreement, and at the same time, in the new agreement as a renewal of the previous one, the goal of performance of ATA based on its philosophy”, he added.

Now, continued Ms. Charalambous, the Minister of Labor as the custodian of the agreement has a huge responsibility. “To ensure that the dialogue on a comprehensive and permanent agreement is at the basis of the transitional agreement. At the same time, he must immediately start a dialogue to discuss measures to extend collective agreements and to cover workers who receive the minimum wage with ATA. This is also the way for ATA to cover the thousands of workers in the private sector who currently do not receive ATA, to combat cheap labor and job insecurity. With the organization, the regulated working conditions with collective labor agreements,” he said.

The General Secretary of PEO also said that with determination, with the legacy of the unity and solidarity they had all the previous period, they continue the fight for ATA.

“At the same time, we claim integrated social policy, with the creation of sufficient quality structures of custody and social protection by the state and local government for working parents, for full coverage of the parental leave period, social housing programs. Anti-accuracy measures such as ending double taxation on fuel, taxing windfall profits, interest rate subsidy plan based on socio-economic criteria,” he added.

The Government, Ms. continued. Charalambous, must also take a stand on the content she gives to the pension reform and in particular stand on the universal social demand for the abolition of the 12% penalty for those who, after many years of contributions and work, choose to retire at the age of 63.

“We demand that this matter be made a priority. There is the possibility of abolishing the 12% with rational solutions, without affecting the viability of the TKA”, he said.

He also mentioned that the branch of SIDIKEK PEO in CYTA struggled for years to recognize the presence of PEO in semi-public organizations.

The General Secretary of SIDIKEK PEO, Nikos Grigoriou, in his own greeting said that Cyta has returned to the state and by extension to society in the form of a dividend of approximately 1 billion euros in the last 20 years.

He noted that the new Government that emerged in the last presidential elections declares that it supports the public nature of semi-state organizations and opposes privatization.

“We hope that this will not turn out like the famous commitments of the previous Government. We hope that semi-governmental organizations will be supported to fulfill their role in the economy and society. Finally, we hope that they will not become a place for gossip and hemetocracy because this will undermine their status. Unfortunately, from the first samples of writing of the new Government, we need to worry”, he added.

For 2022, Mr. Grigoriou continued, Cyta is expected to make net profits of 76 million euros, while for 2021 Cyta's net profits were 78 million with an increase of almost 11% from 2020.

As Mr. Grigoriou said, the Administration and Management of the Organization need to remain committed to what was agreed and never attempt to deviate for any reason.

“I am sure that in such a case, which I avoid, they will find all 4 trade unions of Cyta facing them united and determined to react”, he added.

The Deputy Secretary of SIDIKEK PEO-Cyta, Nikos Karatzias, in his introductory speech said, among other things, that “all these years we have been committed to standing next to our working colleagues through SIDIKEK PEO-Cyta's struggles to protect the public character of Cyta, and preventing any form of its privatization and its sale to private interests, for the continuation of unhindered access to all citizens, to high quality services and at good prices, but also for the promotion of healthy labor relations always with active participation in social dialogue and with an open spirit in the negotiations within the organization, with the aim of implementing the Collective Labor Agreements”.

As he mentioned, a large chapter that particularly worries them is the intensified appeal of the Organization in purchasing services or assigning services to third parties.

“From a position of principle, we oppose this unacceptable tactic, because it deregulates labor relations and may bring us the privatization of the Organization through the back door, through the gradual deforestation of Cyta. We have insisted and will continue to insist at all costs, that for permanent and stable needs, staffing should only be done with new permanent jobs,” he added.

It is for this reason, he continued, that they met with skepticism the Organization's decision to prepare a Voluntary Retirement Plan in 2023.

Mr. Karatzias said, in addition, that a About a year ago, the Agency filed an outline that wants to modernize Cyta.

“In the modernization process initiated by Cyta and in the dialogue on the subject, SIDIKEK PEO made it clear from the beginning that it will work creatively to improve the functionality and efficiency of the Organization in order to be a pioneer in the competitive conditions in which it objectively operates “, he added.

At the same time, however, he said, SIDIKEK PEO made it clear that it will act decisively to repel any attempt from anywhere, wherever it may come, for privatization or corporatization or of any other form method alters its public character.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cyta, Michalis Ioannidis, in his speech said that at the heart of every great company there is not just a logo, brand or financial data, but at the heart of every great company are its people.

“We have already started, Institutional Innovation, New Personnel Categories, Reconstruction of the work architecture. 37 Policies that, among other things, command us to invest in training, upgrading skills, talent so that each of you is prepared, not only for the challenges of today, but also for the opportunities of tomorrow. So we will continue to work together for fair wages, for safe working conditions, for a culture that respects and values ​​each individual. Because at the end of the day, this isn't just about your future, our employees' and your families' futures. It concerns the future of Cyta, the future of our society, of our fellow citizens. It concerns the digital future of Cyprus”, he added.

Cyta's Chief Operating Officer, Nikos Stylianou, in his own speech said that Cyta today is a robust Public Sector Organization and the driver of Cyprus' technological development.

He noted that this year, the Organization is going through a year full of challenges while remaining committed to economic growth equivalent to last year's, which recorded a record.

“Consciously, it has chosen to absorb the increased cost of inflation in the Agency's good results. We are now going through a new period of change and challenges alongside, with a vision to build the Cyta of the next decade. A modern, flexible and resilient company, in sync with the needs and wants of our customers, partners and staff. A Cyta that is able to compete with international technology giants. Moreover, the recent European awards of our Organization proved it again and again”, he added.

Mr. Stylianou underlined the role of the Guilds.

“The responsibility you consistently demonstrate is exemplary. The long-term maintenance of labor peace would not be possible without your sincere willingness for productive cooperation… I sincerely look forward to the continuation of this cooperation and its further strengthening. Your contribution is crucial for us to be able to continue the successes of recent years, in a period characterized by successive challenges”, he concluded.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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