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Cyta staff to accept major pay structure reforms

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Cyta staff to accept major pay structure reforms

Cyta Strike

    Cyta’s staff have accepted a proposal for sweeping institutional changes.

    EPOET (OHO-SEK), ASET-Cyta, and SIDIKEK-PEO-Cyta, representing most of the employees, conditionally supported the proposal.

    On the other hand, PASE – Cyta and SEP – Cyta did not reject the proposal but seemed to express the view of continuing the dialogue that started about a year ago with the organization’s management, as the term of the existing board of Cyta expires at the end of the month.

    The latest board meeting, held last night, was anticipated to be pivotal. The board was expected to thoroughly examine the proposal, especially focusing on the conditions attached to the three affirmative votes received, and to formulate a response to the trade union movement.

    Looking forward, an agreement is likely within the next 24 hours, marking a significant milestone even if not all unions sign it. Both Cyta and the unions are seemingly committed to capitalizing on the extensive negotiations and the consensus achieved in recent months, along with the momentum for an agreement.

    Under the proposed changes, Cyta will introduce a dual employment category system : one governed by public law and the other by private law. Notably, employees under public law status are set to constitute 60% of the total workforce, ensuring a majority in this category.

    Having previously expressed their concerns through work stoppages earlier in the year, the unions acknowledged the proposal& #8217;s alignment with their goals. They aim to reduce operating costs and equip front-line staff to withstand the fierce competition and significant technological challenges in the telecommunications sector and the broader economy.

    The final agreement, once reached, is slated for review and ratification by the Minister of Finance.

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