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Damianos sends a message to doctors and OKYPY about the strike – “To show responsibility”

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The golden ratio has not yet been found, regarding the declared strike of public doctors, with the Minister of Health coming forward and calling on them to consider the consequences of a strike, in the sensitive health sector, as he mentioned.

Specifically, Michalis Damianos, in his post on social media, said that “regarding the announced strike of government doctors, I call on all those involved to consider the consequences of a strike in the sensitive health sector”.

The Minister of Health, continuing, called on the doctors “to show cooperation, responsibility and understanding in order to reach as soon as possible an agreement that will benefit everyone. I express the hope that the strike will be avoided in order to ensure the continuous provision of medical care to the citizens”.

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It is noted that the Minister of Health made some behind-the-scenes contacts, both with the unions and with OKypY , with the ultimate aim of pushing the two sides to find a middle ground and suspend the strike measures. As the president of PASYKI, Sotiris Koumas, had reported on state radio, Mr. Damianos had called the unions and listened to their requests and emphasized that the door has not been closed, given that if there is an outcome that satisfies them, they will suspend the measures .

The efforts of the authorities in the Ministry of Health will continue, up to the end, in order to manage to find solutions to avoid suffering for patients, since they will planned surgeries must be cancelled. It is recalled that the strike is scheduled to begin at 7:30 am on Tuesday and will last until the same time on Thursday.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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