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Damianos: The diagnosis can improve the lives of patients with congenital heart diseases

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Δαμιανoς: Η δι γνωση μπορεi να βελτιoσει τη ζωor ασθενoν με συγγενεiς καρδιοπàθε ιες

Correct information and systematic monitoring can contribute to improving the quality of life and prognosis of patients with Congenital Heart Diseases, said the Minister of Health Michalis Damianos.

In his greeting on Wednesday at an event organized by the Apollonian Private Hospital in collaboration with the Association of Parents and Friends of Heart Diseased Children for World Congenital Heart Disease Day, the Minister said that it is important to note that a key point for the correct treatment of the problem , is the timely and valid diagnosis, which will allow 80% of these children not only to reach adulthood, but also a highly satisfactory life expectancy as well as their full integration into the social system.

Overall, said Mr. Damianos, it is estimated that 1 in 100 children born today is born with congenital heart disease, a genetic abnormality that threatens the life of the infant from the first year and requires immediate surgery, creating significant problems for the children themselves. children but also their families. However, with the correct diagnosis and treatment, he emphasized, these children can win the right to life and their full integration into society as equal members.

“A privilege of the rapid development of technology as well as medical science, it is now the diagnosis and ascertainment of the possible heart problem in children usually during pregnancy, unlike in the past when the diagnosis was made before the widespread introduction of prenatal intrauterine ultrasound to the fetus “, he added.

The detailed pre-operative study of cardiac anatomy with modern imaging methods, he continued, allows accurate diagnosis and successful cardiac surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases.< /p>

The Minister said that during the period of the last two years, 98 surgical operations and 76 catheterizations of children were carried out at the Cardiac Innovation Center, as well as 100 operations on adults with congenital heart diseases.

“All operations on children and adults are covered by the NHS, while for cases that are not covered by the NHS, there has been perfect cooperation for more than 11 years with the Ministry of Health and the General Director of the Ministry of Health, thus making it possible for each patient, a second chance for life in his homeland”, he added.

The Minister finally expressed his warm thanks to Dr. Tzanavaros Ioannis, Director of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of the University of Dusseldorf and his team: Dr. Siako, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon/Intensivist, Dr. Ioannou, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Pontikou, Dr. Fedarrava and Dr. Khouri, Anesthesiologists, Dr. Volker Oker and Dr. Sebastian Gaete, Pediatric Intensivists, Dr. Tzifa, Dr. Avraamidis and Dr. Bartsona, Interventional pediatric cardiologists.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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