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Dangerous chemicals in carnival products (PHOTO)

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ΕπικΙνδυνεσ &chi ;ημικΕς ουσΙες σε αποκριατικα πρ&omicron ;ιοντα (ΦΩΤΟΣ)

On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween events, the Department of Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance wishes to inform the consumer public to be especially careful when shopping.

Several products such as masquerade masks and carnival costumes and other items/toys carry risks because they may contain dangerous chemicals such as phthalates and/or azo dyes. Phthalates are characterized as substances toxic to reproduction while azo dye compounds are characterized  as carcinogens. Products containing the above chemicals in concentrations greater than the maximum limit allowed by law must not be placed on the market.

ΕπικΙνδυνες χημικες ου&sigma ;ες σε αποκριατικα προioντα (ΦΩΤΟ &Sigma?)

Additionally, the Department informs both suppliers and the public that certain types of flammable aerosols (sprays) on the market and used for recreational and decorative purposes (e.g. foams, streamers, glitter, etc.) they should not be placed on the market for sale to consumers and especially to children because’ this and carry the phrase "For professional use only" on their label. In addition, such products are likely to contain other chemicals that are very dangerous for human health. It has also been found that such products are sold at points of sale (kiosks, supermarkets and outdoor stalls), with the result that they are bought by consumers or even by children , i.e. people who are not properly informed about the dangers of these products.

The Department of Labor Inspection calls on the consumer public to be especially careful in their purchases, especially when the products they buy can be used by children. The public is also invited to carefully study the individual information written on the product label and, in case they have any doubts about their safety, to inform the relevant officials of the Department of Labor Inspection on the telephone numbers 22405637, 22405611 and 22405609.

More information on non-compliant products found on the European market is listed on the RAPEX System website.


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