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“Dangerous decision, we will bitterly regret it as a society”, says Nikos Anadiotis about the bill for same-sex couples

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«Επικiνδυνη απ φαση, θα μετανιoσουμε πικρωσ κ οινωνiα», λeει ο Νiκος Αναδιoτης γ&iota ;α το νομοσχèδιο για τα ομoφυλα ζ&epsilon ;υγαρια

“He took a cleaver to cure a headache”

Nikos Anadiotis gave an interview to journalist Maria Andreou about the needs of Espresso newspaper. Among other things, he was placed on the bill for same-sex couples.

“On February 15, 2024, the State made a very dangerous decision, which I think we will bitterly regret as a society. He took cleavers to cure a headache. It has brought unprecedented confusion about the ideal family model we want to teach and pass on to our children. But the main thing is that it deprived many children of the opportunity to grow up with a father and a mother. Who asked the children? Who takes such responsibility? I shudder just thinking about it,” Nikos Anadiotis said first and then added:

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“It is awesome to legislate changes that will radically change the way of life and the psyche of innocent and weak beings, doing experiments without solid scientific bases. Before we make children guinea pigs, shouldn't we have made sure of all the research that could have been done?

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Some recently published research has shown an impact on the gender identity and sexual orientation of these children, who are more likely to he is gay. Even if there are other studies that do not show strong findings, how do we take the responsibility and the risk of turning a blind eye to this side of scientists?”

Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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