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Dangerous toys and children's articles published by the Consumer Protection Agency

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Dangerous children's articles and toys are among the EU's Weekly Notifications of Unsafe Products Notified in the Safety Gate RAPEX System, according to an announcement by the Consumer Protection Service (CPS) of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry.

In the announcement it is stated that in the week starting 17/06/24 64 products presenting a risk to their health and safety have been notified to the System. It is noted that these products were detected in the markets of various member states of the European Union and then notified to the RAPEX Safety Gate System.

YPK points out that 12 of them, which include toys and toys for children and babies, have been assessed by the European Commission as products of serious risk. The products concerning the Consumer Protection Service, as well as the corresponding risks involved, are described here.

The Consumer Protection Service calls on importers, distributors, sellers who may have such products to immediately stop making them available and notify the Service. It also calls on consumers in case they own the above products to stop using them and return them to the seller, i.e. to the store from which they have purchased them and at the same time to inform the seller about this.

It is noted that according to the Consumer Protection Law of 2021, in case of purchasing an unsafe product, the consumer is entitled to a replacement of the product, so that the product is in accordance with the terms of the sales contract. If this is not possible, then the consumer has the right to withdraw, i.e. to return the product to the seller and receive back the full amount paid. It is reminded that the above rights are valid for a period of two (2) years from the initial delivery of the product to the consumer and that the final seller always has the sole responsibility towards the consumer.

In the event that the seller refuses to respond to the above rights of the consumer, the consumer is invited to submit his complaint in writing via the YPK website.

For further information or to file a complaint, consumers can contact the Service through its website or the Consumer Line at 1429, at the Central Offices in Nicosia at 22200926, 22200925, 22200923, at the Limassol District Office at 25819150, at the Paphos District Office at 26804613 and at the Provincial Office of Larnaca/Ammochostos at 24816160.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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